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1.3, mm? Well.

This is definitely a difficulty hack. By removing options and making things hard as hell, it probably caters to the hardc0arest of the hardc0ar and forces them to build a team in exactly the One True Way. Removing things like Foxbird...oh, come on. Foxbird isn't even that good.

Anyhow. Apologies, but I need to make a counterplug here.


LFT has three main goals:
1. To improve the usability and balance in all aspects of gameplay. (classes, items, etc.)
2. To reduce the necessity of grind and other tedious aspects of the game. (faster JP gain, easier class unlocks, better poaches, etc.)
3. To streamline the game's difficulty so that it remained challenging to a well-versed player of FFT, without forcing optimization or extraneous leveling. (Special care has been taken to make sure that all SCCs are still possible.)

Furthermore, to accomplish these goals while keeping things fun was readily kept in mind. An all too easy trap to fall into is the idea that everything has to be made hard when fan-made.

As far as what was deemed "broken" and what wasn't, the ease at which something could be abused was heavily factored into any balance changes made.


Whenever possible, though, options were either refined or moved in difficulty to acquire, rather than removed from the game outright.

It's no secret that I'm a huge fan of this kind of design philosophy. LFT comes close to making any kind of setup viable and rewards experimentation with its improved JP gains and rebalanced costs. It rebalances everything - classes, skills, monsters, weapons.

In fact I don't like original FFT that much because of its completely terrible class balance and lack of challenge but have been enjoying LFT greatly so far (middle of Chapter 2). Enemies fight back but not insurmountably so and things like innate Ignore Height Archers are just so much fun.

Apologies if I sound like too much of a shill, but I really like it, so there ya go.
This I can get behind. Reading the forum for 1.3 makes it sound like the storyline battles involves enemies who are PartyLevel+10-20 and grinding up to level 99 just so the enemies hit their level caps becomes part of the strategy and fuck that. Plus Blade Grasp!
The enemies in 1.3 are actually level-balanced just like random battles - they are usually at your exact level, or maybe slightly higher. It was done to prevent the exact thing you were talking about: grinding to level 99 to remove all challenge from the game.

For that reason, I think I prefer the rather difficult 1.3 to LFT. The point of balancing in 1.3 was to remove all means for the player to circumvent challenge within the game. For example, aside from the level-balancing I just described, Brave/Faith modification was removed because it was permanent in certain amounts, so you can have 90+ brave units that always pull off reactions (like Blade Grasp. =P)

1.3 is balancing for the sake of difficulty, while LFT is balancing for the sake of experimentation. I thought I'd like the latter alot, too, but I'm starting to prefer the former, so the experimentation doesn't go to waste. Looking at the modifications, it looks like LFT is really just too easy for my tastes. (I might still try it some time, though)
Fair enough, if difficulty is the thing you look for 1.3 will provide more of it. LFT is plenty challenging if you don't grind because of the JP cost balancing - however, you can still grind your way to ubersetups if you so desire. (It seems like 1.3 takes preventive measures against spending time to become more powerful) Beowulf's sidequest chain and the optional Deep Dungeon take the gloves completely off and assume you have mastery of the game, mind.

EDIT: Heck, LFT has a 9999 JP Noncharge available. This is obviously not meant to be gotten in any kind of normal playthrough, but it's there if you want to experiment on how badly things can go splat.
Played LFT up to Cellar of Sand Mouse. I can definitely see the experimentation potential, but it's no longer appealing without something strong to pit my ideas against. And knowing that I won't get the challenge until the Colliery Battles (which are even more uber-hard in 1.3, mind) is disappointing.

I will still play this when I'm not recording 1.3, because I am a <3er of Tactics at heart and still miss the level of customization 1.3 restricts at times.
This seems like a pretty good idea. I had wished the PSP port had more balance fixes. Unfortunately I have played this game at least 900 times, so I am not interested in playing it again - even if it is a "better" version.
can't make a bad game if you don't finish any games
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