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Hi, basically I've got this really weird problem with one of the event graphics in my game. It's best explained with screenshots:

Here's the event graphics parameters:

And here's how it appears in-game:

And here's it's charset:

Know what's going on?
Uh, i'm not sure if it'd work or not but try changing the animation type to fixed graphic. Who knows.
If worst comes to worse, you can always just paste it in another set and see if that fixes it.
Sorry if i'm not that much help.
Go down to animation type, change the option to either non-continuous/fixed direction or fixed graphic, and see how it looks from there.
You need two make to events to show it, since it is split into a left and a right part.

And yes, you should change each to fixed direction.
On the plus side - it worked. On the minus I now look a bit of a fool. It's always something simple. Thanks for the (very quick) help.
Naw, ya don't look like a fool. Happens to the best of us.
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