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How would you do this?A game that uses this, is it's good to be a pirate (Mutilang). Which program should I use to create the title screen??
Oh you want a custom title screen?

You need Power Mode to do that.
Your mom is a hero
It is a hacked and sooped up version of RM2k3. I think there is a link to it in the Helpful Things topic from Cherry.

I've never bothered with it.
Yeah, Power Mode 2003. But that program has some bugs, as far as I know. Cherry made a patch that allows you to make your custom title screen. I think that was the "Better Auto Enter Patch" (there is a Auto Enter Patch to, but this is not as good as BAEP).

Available for RM2k and RM2k3 (but just 1.08)

I'm not sure if he has made an English instruction - maybe you can find out more in that Helpful Things topic, which kentona has mentioned. There is a demo project in this linked topic too, just click the second link~
keep a backup of some files though - you never know what may go wrong!
I've always been wary of using those cool-looking patches for fear of destroying everything in my maker.
Don't worry, they just change the runtime file of your game. Not the maker itself. If something doesn't work after patching, use a new rpg_rt.exe. This is not going to all patches, some (like Ineluki's Keypatch) use the harmony.dll of RM2k and RM2k3 (until v1.04 or 1.03; 1.07 and 1.08 not). Also, making backups should be self-evident.
I love Power Mode, don't know what I wouldn't do without it.

I just like how in some games, you don't need any default shit. Now, if I can only get not have the default save point, then I would be happy.
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