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I'm going over to RRR! So long suckers HAHAHAHA

So my time at RMN is coming to an end...of sorts.

In case you haven't heard, I'll be semi-retiring from my duties come mid-September - I will be taking on a more Holbert-esque level of activity from there on out, with a possibility that I will step down as Administrator (I don't do anything administrative anyway). Either way you guys will be seeing much less of me.

But enough of the pre-amble.

What I want to discuss is game making. Specifically, I want to find out what the community wants from me for my last hurrah. I currently have 2 games, 2 community games, a newsletter, and a couple of vague project ideas on my plate. This is your chance to lobby for what you want to see done from me in my remaining 6 weeks of productivity! The options are as follows:


..:: Games ::..

Retro RPG hybrid between Diablo, KotOR and DQ

I started this side project for a contest over at IGP back in September or October of 2007 (I think). I poured 17 frenzied days of development into it at the time and released v0.6. I have since dabbled with it off and on and got it about 1/2 complete (from a plot perspective).

Runelords: Atramentus Rising
A traditional RPG

This was my first publically released RPG. It suffers heavily from first-game-itis (despite it being my 3rd attempt at an RPG) with bloated systems and a lot of mishmashed ideas. I have since stripped out all the chuff and left my original gameplay element intact (EspersRunes). I think this could be a fun game if I ever finish it, as it is much more story- and character-focused than any of my other work. Plus, some people really liked it.

..:: Community Projects ::..

Class-centric and mission based community chain game

I started this with very high hopes, got derailed with a friggin' unexpected move (twice). I've finally gotten settled again and now have the time to work on a project. Hence this topic. Wondering if interest is still alive.

Befuddle Quest 3
Community puzzle game

The third installment of BQ. I will still whip up the various submissions into a playable game, but I haven't yet even begun to think about a puzzle of my own. Just to repeat: I will assemble the game starting Aug. 22nd as promised.

Community newsletter

Yes, the shoddy community newsletter. Obviously if I'm not around the community, I can't really write a regular newsletter. Since I'll only be active for 6 or so weeks, I'll probably write 2 or 3 more, but after that....? Maybe I'll pass the torch (Fallen-Griever is my preferred candidate, though I haven't told him yet) or maybe I'll just let it pass on. You know, no one is stopping YOU from making a newsletter!

My other community project, Release Something! has already been passed on the Magi. Don't let it whither and die people! ...unless you want it to, I guess.

..:: Vague Ideas ::..

A "feeling out" project for RMVX

This was planned as a feeling out project for RMVX - testing the waters. It was planned as a traditional/sci fi hybrid story using pretty much just the default capabilities of VX. Nothing fancy or overly complex, no slick scripts, or even that long of a plot. Some people's interests were piqued, though, so I'd thought I'd mention it.

Generica II
RM2k3 or RMVX
Retro RPG gaming in 10 days or less!

I had a LOT of fun madly making Generica. It was just a joy to complete a full RPG in 10 days that I found fun to play (and others did too, I think). Since then, I've always just wanted to do it again but felt weighed down by my other project obligations (listed above) and just the general dread of starting YET ANOTHER project (Max McGee-itis). it was originally intended to be my RMVX testing grounds project, but that has been usurped by Thalience, so this CAN be made in RM2k3 again, and I can pump out a game in about 10 days I think. Maybe less as the framework is already built with the original Generica.


So I'd thought I'd throw this out there, get a feel for what people think ("Who cares?" being the most likely response) and take in any suggestions, words of encouragement or general whip-cracking. What do you think RMN?

VOTE HERE please?
Say it isn't so Kentona!!! Well this sucks, but I suppose your going to school or something right?

I'm not sure what you should finish, because they all look so amazing!



When's the job posting going to be put up? ^^
can't make a bad game if you don't finish any games
I'd like to sit down and play Missiongarde before you go.

Say it isn't so Kentona!!! Well this sucks, but I suppose your going to school or something right?
If only...
Say it isn't so Kentona!!! Well this sucks, but I suppose your going to school or something right?

I'm going to be schooled... in parenthood!
Impossible. You can't leave just as I arrive. Who will push the approve button on my reviews?

From a quick scan I'd say Runelords is the project I'm most interested in. Then again, I haven't played any of your games yet, so maybe I will update my opinion if I get to them before you vanish into the mists.
You can ask Solitayre about Hero's Realm and Fallen-Griever about Generica. Also, there are many capable staff here that have mastered the skill of the Approve Button.

children are like keyboards. when lightningbolts killed you for the 13th time, bang it into the wall in frustration.

You're such a nice bloke +administrator. Don't leave. It's not fair on us. Think of us
Say it ain't so ken! Ya can't leave!

Also, finish Runelords. I loved that game :)

Are you still gonna stick around on the forums/IRC?

Also with the last moments of non-parenthood you should finish Hellion and Befuddled Quest 3
This is awful news. Kentona, you were like the stoic father we all tried to please, but we never were able to live up to your unreasonable expectations.

Just kidding, I've only been here a short while, but you were always helpful and fair. Hero's Realm was fun, the community will miss you and your work.
Just imagine if WIP had pulled this right before RMN3 was finished...
Runelords is one I would love to see finished.
Yes, the shoddy community newsletter.

Kentona my man, why do you suffer from insecur-itis when it comes to the SNEWS? Who besides you says they don't like it!? We all love it, man! Any attention it hasn't been getting is simply due to time, or at the worse, publicity. It's one of my favorite community features.
at least finish befuddle quest. I imagine it wouldn't be that hard to piece it together.
Developer, Starless Umbra / Heroes of Umbra
I like Runelords! Also you can talk on the podcasts. :]

You can't leave us!!
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