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Right, I'm trying to make a system whereby accessories get experience points and level up the more you use them. Upon levelling up they can learn new attacks and all that jazz.
How do you think would be the best way to implement this?

EDIT: Just realised that's probably a bit vague.

Basically each accessory grants the character certain related abilities (Water gives water based attacks, speed giving quick attacks .etc) and the more use each accessory gets (this could maybe be calculated by the number of enemies defeated by attacks from a particular accessory) it'll earn experience and level up in accordance with how much it is used. The idea being that the player chooses whether they want to 'specialise' in a certain class of accessory and only use one or two, which they can level up quickly, but be limited in the type of attacks they can perform, or use lots of different accessories and have a wide variety of attacks, but it'll take them longer to be able to gain the more powerful ones for each accessory.
What maker are you using?

Could be alot of work.
2k3, Yeah I anticipated it'd be pretty complicated.
Thanks FG, rather than adding the points at the first turn though, i'm wondering if it'd be better to add the experience points when the hero uses an attack from the equipped accessory. That way, the player won't get experience if they only use the default attack command to defeat an enemy without using any of the accessory's abilities.

Thankfully there is no 'party' as such in the game. Only one character will be available to use in battle so the lag should hopefully be a non-issue.
One problem I've got, is that when I equip the accessory, I have to come out of the main menu for the parallel process to take effect and add the appropriate skills. So the player can't go to the main menu, equip their accessory, then navigate to the skills section to see what they've learnt. They have to come out onto the field screen first. Is there any way around this (short of creating a custom item management system)?
What I would do is remove the Equip option from the menu and have a custom menu system for it. It's a ton of work though.

However, take advantage of the unrolling technique. For example, if something can't be referenced by variables (like pictures), rig it up so that you can copy paste, and only have to change the picture number each iteration. I did this to get a number display I can sort of move a little using pictures in a matter of minutes. Then if you want to movie it, you can simply change the base variables you used.

So, you make a calling event that shows a picture that shows the item represenation of the equipment in inventory, have a ton of branch conditions for a variable that is the argument passed to the common event to show the proper picture. Seperate them into types because you'll need 5 of those calling events, but each one is a different type of equipment. Every time the player wants to change said type of equipment, open a window that display all possible equipment of that type. This will be very difficult and you need to be clever to get this to work.

Now the second system, is to do it event based. It's where you're teleported to a blank map and the event layer just displays items and pictures are drawn over it. This seems to be how Deus Cards did things sometimes.

Basically checking every turn what monster a's HP is.

Then checking to see if Mary used the Armlet command, whether Monster A is still alive and adding the XP. It may need a bit more messing around with, but that's the general idea.
can't make a bad game if you don't finish any games
Lib: You forgot about escaping.

You'll need to link an event to the Escape command that takes back whatever was given at the start of battle, but that should take care of that.

EDIT: Snap, F-G beat me to my idea.
Basically each accessory blah blah blah (this could maybe be calculated by the number of enemies defeated by attacks from a particular accessory)

I conclude my argument, good Sirs.

Oh, and escaping is for wimps. Wimps who are wimpy and full of W.I.M.P.

What I've decided to do is give experience for every accessory specific attack used in a battle, regardless of whether a enemy is defeated. An interesting point about escaping though. After reading the thread on how often people escape from battles it seems that a lot of the time it's because the enemies are too difficult. So if I give experience this way and the player pulls off some accessory attacks, but the battle gets too difficult, they can run and still gain accessory experience so the battle won't have been a complete waste.
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