is it too late for ironhide facepalm
I for one would... Really like to play that, Darken. Honestly, a time-traveling Viking!? That sounds like the single most awesome idea I've heard in ages.
Theism commentary is always a plus too.
I for one would... Really like to play that, Darken. Honestly, a time-traveling Viking!? That sounds like the single most awesome idea I've heard in ages.
Theism commentary is always a plus too.

Yeah a lot of people thought the idea was pretty good as soon as I mentioned the blending of the viking's supposed Norse mythology. But sadly you won't be seeing much else of it anymore as I'm moving on to something a little.. bigger.
My first game was about a guy following another guy, it had RTP+Kindred Saga Charsets and empty maps that only consisted of grass and ocean, nothing else. I have no idea what I was thinking but I just wanted to learn how to use rm2k.

The first serious game was about some guy that can learn what happened in the past as long as he touches the scene of crime that involved a lot of airships...

Now for the first RPG game I finished, it was a Riviera fangame that involved badly drawn character scenes that has ridiculously thick outlines and extremely emo storyline. I spent my whole vacation making that menu and battle system only to lose it the next day after it's done >:V

Too bad I don't have it anymore since all of them die in a HD Crash.
Before there was Phantasias, and Lost Land spin-offs... there was just... Lost Land... oh but wait, there was something even before that... J-Man's Quest... where I had to save the land where I had no clue how I ended up there in the first place... god I wish I still had that game on my memory card for PS1...
The 524 is for 524 Stone Crabs
Well I just posted one of them on this site, but here is another early game I made, and it ended up being my first completed game:

This was its title screen... xD

My mapping and grammar was made of suck.

Default Battle System FTL.

Yeah... I don't like to talk about this game. It was about a Sahagin named Slimy... Yes his name was Slimy, who journeyed to free his island home from bandits, along with the help of a theif named Milly and a secret-agent Angel named Laura. The dialog was pretty bad, the mapping was bare and poorly used. Characters kind of lacked personality and it's way too hard to get through around the first area due to default system laziness. It has a place in my heart, oddly enough...
Ah yes, I recall my first game (made in Turbo Pascal) with graphics in ASCII code. Its name was "El Talachas wants to go to the home of el Charolas"

A very fun game it was, you controlled el Talachas and you mission was to go your friend's house (I bet you didnt guess it), anyway, at a certian point in the road, no matter what you did, you always got crushed by a rock, so there was no good ending. *sigh* Aaahh That was the beginning of my glorious age of game programer.

My first was 'The Stupid RPG' a short craptastic RM95 project. It has long since been wiped out of existance (to my knowledge!) but it consisted of a guy named Bob and his side kick Tag-o-Long fighting a guy named... BAD GUY! it was about 3 minutes long and totally childish.

Even then I apparently hated players of my game because I tortured them by having the FF7 Golden Saucer music playing through THE WHOLE FREAKING GAME. Now I suppose I'm a little more subtle in my madness...
I completed my first game in like 2000 when a friend gave me some install discs for Klik n' Play. I made a top down game in which you and a friend controlled mailmen who ran around various 1-screen residential settings shooting Uzis at each other, competing for the sweet, sweet letters that people would come out and stuff in their mailboxes while "minimizing" civilian casualties. It's the only thing I wish I still had off of that hard drive, if only for posterity because I'm pretty sure it sucked hard in execution.

A few years before that I was bored in the school's computer lab and QBasic 1.1 was standard with MS-DOS 6ish, so "psychic pong" was born, a pong game you "played with YOUR MIND" (ie the game played itself while you and a buddy rubbed your temples and stared hard at the screen) but that's so retarded I don't think it really counts.
Psychic Pong? I know several people so stupid you could probably market that game as a real game! Heck it probably has better game mechanics than my keychain Ouija board did :P
Psychic pong is actually the best game idea ever. EVER. EVER

So do you use rm uh?
So do you use rm uh?

Nope, never touched it, all I know about what it can/can't do is what I can glean from you guys' creations and discussions. I kinda envy you guys being able to prototype stuff in playable form without coding a whole bunch of crap from scratch before getting to even lay down a single map tile.
Your mom is a hero
I tried to make an RPG in QBASIC. It was pretty cool. Then I hit the maximum size of a QBASIC file or something. The RPG was called Hero's Realm (yeah I thought that up in grade 9) and you fought things like Evil Triangles from the 7th Level of Hell. (Triangles were easy to draw in QBASIC).

One of the first games I did make was an asteroid clone called Blockbuster (or something) where you choose 1 of 3 ships and destroyed randomly floating squares and rectangles on the screen (because the only hit detection algorithm I could code was whether it was in a rectangle's area. Even then I was structuring my games around the limitations I had!).
I'm still working on my first game. It's called Azardan on RPG Maker VX. Hopefully, it will go well.
My first game ever was called "Skull Dragon" on the RPG Maker for the PS1. It was basically about a hero travelling with his best friends to the Death World (Thats what I called it) to defeat the ultimate evil in the universe the Skull Dragon himself. Surprisingly the game wasn't bad, but it was missing one, many things. First of all I had horrible dialogue, horrible mapping, and the characters were unimaginably powerful compared to everything else, and it was about 1 hour long, but when I made the game I was 7 or 8 years old, so you'd expect it to be bad. Although my brother, who was 14 at the time and making great games, said mine was really good considering my age.
I'm bringing this world back for you and for me.
My first game I ever created to any point of releasing it was "Echo Zone" as some of the old members may remember. Really it was a failure in it's whole concept taking the fantasy- RTP of RPG Maker VX. Which I was experimenting at the time, I was using the RTP to create a futuristic game. Filled with fire-arms and corrupt government corporations However the game wasn't bashed for it's story or it's gameplay more of the worst mistake I made in it. It's Windowskin, which consisted of turquiose hexagon with red text over it. It's as bad as it sound. Making the game virtually unreadable. So I put it away deep in the recess of my mind and computer. Maybe one day coming back to it.
My first game was not on RPG Maker. Actually, it was with Game Maker.

The game was named Magic Guy, and can still be played on YoYoGames. (I'm darkblast there) Magic Guy grew into the basis of the project I'm working on today, evolved into Demonic Roots.

It was fun, I suppose. I thought it was a masterpiece... when I was 12...
I lost my first game X(. It was on rm2k3 and it was a Shin Megami Tensei soul hacker rips off or something. The game was utterly crap, since at one scene all characters were speaking in English and then they continue talking in Japanese using romanji. Even the characters are a total mess. The main girl is Maya, and her friend is Sarah. You can heal at the canteen by the help of Minami-sensei ( ughhhh )

Didn't know what I think back then lol. I was trying to event a recruit system and having demons in your party stuffs like Soul Hacker too! It kinda work, but I gave up after 5 monsters of having to copy and paste the same event commands and having to set each variable myself for database stuffs. I didn't finish it, of course. My mapping also very suck since I download chipsets from somewhere and randomly putting stuffs together just to make it work. And by work I mean, you can teleport in and out of the city and walk around :P I still wish I had it though hahaha. I remember playing the battle test quite often and imagine that the bosses will be this and that. OMG good old times.

If you're talking about the first finished game, mine is Fluffy and The Gang. Spent 6 months with it and working with Piti, the artist guy, for the first time ( I had been working alone before I've known Piti )

Piti and me did the dubbing for all the characters. Great time.
What program was used to make the above game? I don't believe that's RM... C++ perhaps?
Nope. It was made with Rmxp through ruby scripting and eventing :)