My first game was a horrible RPG Maker 2000 game that just didn't make sense. For some reason you were in prison to which you broke out.. for some reason and then you got insane Armour (which you couldn't equip because it wasn't for your class and that class would never ever appear to pick up the Armour.)

And you basically mingle with Towns People and Even the guards in the castle Bare in mind you just sort of broke out of prison. You meet the king for some reason and then you get a boat to another island for some reason, go to a cave and kill this demon who was the king all along for some reason and then it ends and has a bloody 10 minute credit sequence for one person.

Nothing had a reason for anything and you could easily complete it in like 15 minutes and I must of advertised it as a 2 Hour Epic.. or something like that.
first game was called 'firey blade' (complete with misspelling). it was a 20 minute long game, with no story, virtually no dialogue, and starred all of the original RTP cast, complete with their default names. You started in a town with no direction, and no info, and later discover that the elder's daughter has been kidnapped, so you wander off to find her. After finding her in the next town over, with no fight, you fall into a dungeon with an encounter rate so high you'll not have the patience to walk all the way through the maze to the other side. If you managed to get through, you'd come to the part of the game where I started adding various final fantasy characters (Beatrix from FF9 comes to mind, probably cloud too). don't remember much about it after that. Trust me, it was bad. and I showed it to all my 12 year old friends like I was proud.
first game was called 'firey blade' (complete with misspelling).

Reminds me of my first game except mine was utter rubbish, and even i realised it at the time.
Some girls mum gets kidnapped, so she goes looking for her with a sidekick panda or something stupid. It basically consisted of the lines 'have you seen my mum?' 'no.' 'best move on to the next town then, panda!'
I think i was about 10.
And i called it disillusioned fantasies, for no other reason than i liked the sound of the words. It was like 15 minutes long.
I haven't completed a game since :/
A power mama and her panda. Awesome. :)
My first game I had left untitled. It started off on a wonderfully sunny afternoon when suddenly the protagonist's (named after m'self, of course) best friend's brother was being attacked by a slime that had wandered into the village! After swiftly saving that poor child's life, the protagonist brought him back to his mother.The mother then asked the protagonist and his best friend to run and errand for her and buy an Elixer in the next town.

To get to the next town of Highland, our young school-aged heroes were forced to traverse a dark and spooky cave. When they were able to see the light at the end of the tunnel they were ambushed by the grim-reaper RTP character for no apparent reason. So after and exchange of pointless jargon the monster had perished.

So when they reach Highland, our heroes discover a man who looked just like their late childhood friend, Daniel. However, they decide to dismiss this strange occurrence and to instead go buy the Elixer they were supposed to fetch. When they had reached the item shop, though, the clerk had told them that something very ominous was happening inside the Mayor's house. So our heroes break into the Mayor's house only to discover that the Mayor is a zombie!! So after killing the highest political authority in town out of undead prejudices, our heroes then leave the town without a leader.

Back on the home-front, the hero's home is being invaded by a neighboring kingdom. It's up to the priest and his dog to protect their home. However, they do a very poor job and flee the city.

So our heroes return home only to find it occupied by foreign invaders. They get captured and thrown in prison. It is there they meet a rogue who goes by the name of Ian. By convenient circumstances they escape to a safe-house owned by the world-renowned scientist Schmid. Unfortunately, out heroes are attacked there by they late friend look-a-like they had met earlier. His amazingly evil name is Slexandor and his motivation is nothing more than "I iz evil need 2 destroy teh word:"

tl'dr Nothing special or interesting happened.
I'm still working on a game called Savior of the Gods. But I need help uploading it onto a disk.
I don't remember much about my first game. At the time I felt that I had a really amazing storyline, but looking but now I see that I basically rehashed the "let's go kill God" theme from some JRPGs like Breath of Fire 2 and Xenogears. I even had a religious cleric who shot two pistols and never ran out of bullets. I used that little RTP sprite of a priest, then I drew sunglasses on him to make him look stylin'. Dead serious. I guess I thought that was originality because it was coming from a pretty steadfast Christian guy, so I thought that it was mature or something. But.. man, was that lame.

The sad thing is, I used the same go-kill-God theme in my second or third unfinished game, this one that was a team project that never got going. Some people just don't learn, myself included.
My first game was called Incorporate Diplomacy, which still doesn't make any sense to me, so the title was there for the sake of it. At one point, I renamed it to Final Light, but somewhere down the road, the files were all lost, so I had to revert to Incorporate. I had absolutely no idea what I was doing on RPG Maker 2003, and the story was a horrendous mishmash of Final Fantasy 10, Galerians, and various cartoons I was watching at the time. Many of the maps were unoriginal, ripped from other projects, and my dialogue was incredibly awkward, with most dialogue being (once again) ripped from TV shows. My "World Map" was somewhat in the shape of a cubish "T," and the monsters were oodles stronger than you. On the world map, you could enter a temple called Shynorill, and battle Satan, renamed Seta. Two bridges comprising the horizonal T lead to two towns, one ripped straight out of Final Fallacy SE. Storyline: You play the RTP Chinese chick, named after my mom, (who isn't Chinese) Ladda, who's just moved to a new town. She decides to get out of the house one day, only to be greeted by her neighbor, with the news that the milkman died. So Ladda's appointed as the new milkman, and has her first job is... someone? She has to cross a dangerous forest to get there, and has nothing but a butterknife for a weapon. An Alex clone accidentally bumps into you (named Jimon), while running away from a gigantic spider. The spider fight is obviously "Mash enter repeatedly." Milk resores HP (how apt). The storyline had nowhere to go from there, and the only things of use I implemented within the project were a working "elevator" that used variables to determine which floor to go to, and a parallel process that checked if you were on a certain spot that provided shadows.

Looking back on it, I must've been smoking something. While a Galerians RPG would be nice, I'm not the one to do it. As dumbass as the storyline was, it was original, I believe. I'd show screenshots somewhere, but it looks like filth. Most of us probably learn RPG Maker in different ways.
Man, does anyone remember that name generator program you could download? Like it randomly picked out character and item names and also game titles, which were all made up of just two generic fantasyesque words thrown together to make DEMON ORB or something.
It was really funny and whenever I see something with a name like that I wonder if it was just generated by that program.
Your mom is a hero
i need that program!
This topic is still alive! awesome!
Kentona, you can find the generator in the master rpgmaker helpful topic
Resident Nonexistence
Mr first one was something I was actually using for a school project.. embrace the probably-buggy demo :p
My first game I can remember was in Qbasic.

It was kind of a text adventure game or something. The most memorable part was that freind was misspelled, and the writing in it was bad/amusing.

Oh, and then I expanded the game and had actual gameplay in it, and the latter parts weren't as well received by my audience.
My first game is the game I'm still working on and have been working on for years! I'm amazed myself I've stuck with it for so long.
I first conceived the name of my project, "Everlasting Journey" back in like '99 or something ridiculous when rpg maker 95+ was widely available and the name was still funny and original. I made a game with like a world map, and a burning village (lol rpgs), and some random battles. The two main character's names, "Sparrow" and "Athesis," were conceived at that point. Sparrow sounded cool (Jerry Bruckheimer thought so too apparently), and Athesis was just some letters I slapped together to closely resemble Aeris. I only realized I could add the last name "Paper" and turn it into a pun a few years ago.

At that point I was still a wee young'n, and had no concept of what makes a good game, so I never really continued on RM95+. I wish I still had the original game so I could laugh at it, but it has since been lost in many hard drive wipes and computer upgrades.

After 2k came out, I started making an actual game, and got like 2 chapters into it using rtp with some nonsense dialog and a bunch of random cameos and crap. When 2k3 came out, I added like 2 more chapters, and then stopped working in rpg maker until the beginning of 2007 when I started taking game-making a little more seriously and put some effort into it. I'm still working on Everlasting Journey today. @_@
I'd really like to get rid of LockeZ. His play style is way too unpredictable. He's always like this too. If he ran a country, he'd just kill and imprison people at random until crime stopped.
Oh man, this was so bad. Double Trouble, my old RPG Maker 95 game. You played as James and his friend Jesse, and after your hometown was customarily burned down, you left and formed a group to fight the Martec Empire, which was secretly run by demons. But, uh, your group was called Team Rocket. No, really. And you recited an extended and modified version of the Team Rocket slogan at every possible opportunity. ...Jesse was male. All the skills were the default RTP ones, every character used magic, and your party included all my friends from middle school plus a dog named Rocket.

It's easily at least 10-15 hours long and took me over a year. And this travesty is still available on my website.


My really good game that I just released a month or so ago, Vindication, was originally designed as a sequel. It was going to be called Double Trouble 2: The Third. Which was a fantastic title, but once I realized that Double Trouble was completely horrible, I changed the name to Vindication and removed all the references to Double Trouble from it in order to distance myself from the horrible old game. Which is a move that I have to admit I have never regretted.
i need that program!

I have it somewhere on a CD.

I found a website:

Cavern of Infinite: The Planet of Victory
Combat of Elysium: The Airship of Mystery
Fantasia: Blitz of the Steel Quake
Flaming Skies
Gate Image
Invincible Death I
Link's Gate
Neptune's Hel: Spring Gear
Sabin's Cavern: North Night
Saintly Guardian

This is what the Games page looks like to me most of the time.
Unforgiven Quest for RM95. I had remade it three times. Twice for RM95 and once on RPGMaker2000, which is probably still up for download somewhere. The RPGMaker 2000 version had it's own little fame becuase I had voices for the skills, and I think I was the first moron to ever do that. In retrospect, it was a terrible, embarrassing idea and I'm so glad it did NOT catch on.

Other then that, there was also Demon Slayer. Now that game is lost to the universe.
I havent posted any games yet but I'm working on some rpgmaker ones (in my opinion the best kind). My first game I made with rpgmaker XP. You played a character with amnesia (cliche XD) and you woke up on a crappy island I whipped up in five minutes. You meet a girl blah fight blah find a orb blah and then you wake up on a raft and go talk to a king. I'm remaking it ;D.
My first game was Home on the Vann. I just took the world map from my unfinished fantasy novels popped down a tent filled village and when from there. I actually got the first dungeon finished before I decided I'd bitten off more then I could chew.

Second game was Elfwars: Wrath of the Inquistor. With the player starting out as an Temple Knight engaged in a genocidal war against a group of Half-Elf Refugees. He was supposed to have a change of heart and join the good guys later on. Didn't get too far with that one.

Third game is Druman Action (which I'll probably have to rename). I actually got a download up for this one. It's crappy and vulgar but at least somewhat playable. Still intend to work on it but I'll have to rethink a lot of stuff.

Fourth Game was Get Ugly. Didn't get too far but I learnt a lot about skill balancing.

I still have all of my work if somebody wants to take a look at any of it.