Remember when I actually used to make games? Me neither.
Too bad he quit the whole RM scene after some critique about his games.
Now, does anyone have "Pokemon Rusty I"?
It was never released as its own game.

According to the creator Krazy_Meerkat: "Yeah that's right.. Pokemon Rusty II was actually 2 games in 1..
When (or if ) you finished PR2 then you get a little menu to choose from cheats, movies (I think), and playing the pokemon rusty I demo.. It isn't that good.. Only has about 4 or 5 towns and a pikachu which follows you around everywhere.. I intended it to replicate pokemon yellow but then i just used certain elements from it.. It was never completly finished lol "

Btw, he's working on a new RM Pokemon game, but the links for that one are dead too. Still, you might be able to contact him for the game you're looking for by sending him a PM here:
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Does anyone have A Black Tear?
I don't seem to, sorry.

Requested via PM:

Nadir's Canon:

AFAIK, there are only 2 episodes, both are included.

You will have to copy the mp3s in the folder labeled "Common BGM Files" to the Audio > BGM folder of BOTH episodes or the game will crash when it tries to play those mp3s and finds them missing.
Exciting, but ultimately pointless.
I have become a firm believer that, if SegNin can't find it, then it doesn't exist.
Hi there I was hoping I could get a working link to MUGEN Legends: Hakutomaru.
After googling every link I can find is dead.
Mugen Legends - Hokutomaru

I've been looking for this game called Final Fantasy Legacy by ccoa. I've looked everywhere but haven't had any luck. It was based on this fanfic by the same name and I was reading it before it went down. Should've read it before the site went down:(

Final Fantasy Legacy


Alex - A Two Days Collaborative Game

Alex III - A Three Days Collaborative Game

ALEX IS - A Two Days Collaborative Game

Rainbow Nightmare - Chapter 1

Rainbow Nightmare Prologue

Rainbow Nightmare Original Trailer
you sir are my hero. I forgot I even posted on this topic LOL.

I have become a firm believer that, if SegNin can't find it, then it doesn't exist.
You and me both. I've been looking for this game for awhile and he finds it so fast.
Someone should give the guy some makerscore, with an achievement. The Gamekeeper.

Thanks to __________ for their help.
I'm interested in Peuteris Grey (the B&W game by the same game who did Velsabar). I saw that DE said he had it, so it'd be awesome if it could be uploaded. If I've missed the link somewhere in the past 32 pages I'm sorry. I did do a search but came up with nothing.

Did anybody get the last demo for the RPG Toolkit game, Draug's Resurrection?
I think the last one released was version 4.0.

Here's Google's cache for the download page:

I've got it, but can't upload it at the moment, since I'm AFH for the next few days. Why did the game get deleted, by the way? Its feature list looked so impressive...
Awesome. Thanks SegNin. I saw it on a video someone here compiled of interesting looking games and had to try it out.
Does anyone knows something about Fall of Nosgoth? It is Soul Reaver RM2k3 game.
Does anyone knows something about Fall of Nosgoth? It is Soul Reaver RM2k3 game.
Nothing's been released yet, not even a demo.

Here's the creator's blog:

Alternate link:

Merry Christmas guys!
There's a demo for "Fall of Nosgoth". It is really old, from 2008. I thought it would of been dead, cause I remember looking before and I found a dead link.
It is in that thread.
But, instead of making you look for it, here is what you are after:
Have fun!

Edit: The demo is newer than I thought. I am not sure if there is one newer, but the newest release information I can find leads me to believe that this is demo v0.20, which was released mid-2009;
Looking for some old gems by Staind2000, he used to have a site called Atmosfear, but it's long gone. He did games primarily on RM2k and RM2k3

Notable games I'd like to find again:

-Bug Battle
-Bubble Trouble

He had another ninja game that I can't remember the name of.

I'm also looking for Spire Battle, the second version (not the demo) by Taylor (forgot his last name).
Thank you very much for searching :3
Help! Could anyone upload Naufragar Crimson? (Or if he/she has Ex or the first 2, i would like to get those ones too ^^) I can't find it anywhere! Early thanks ^^ (Sorry for my bad english)
This might be a long shot, but would anyone happen to have the game "Final Fantasy 0"? It is a french game made in RM2k, the game itself is still available, but it's resources were hosted on megaupload, which means it is unplayable. - That is the site the game is hosted on.