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So, uh I'm going to try and make a tech demo or even a full blown game (Gasp!) with a battle system idea and I want to know what kind of coding I should go for. I already know I need a couple of booleans attached to somethings and I'm going to have to gut most of the 2k3's battle system, I just need to know how to go about it.
Here is how it'll work:
-Turn based. No gauges.
-Four basic classes that afflict the main element of the game.
-Main element: Beast capture. Yeah, like Pokemon.
-I'm probably not going to use moving battle sprites unless I can get some one for that, and I doubt I will.
-Side view.
-One capture/trainer person, the beasts taking up party slots and an item to change up the party.
-A party storage unit (Obviously)
Any other questions, let me know. I know I left some stuff out, but I can't think of it now.
Don't waste your time working around an engine to get it to do things! Either make it from scratch in a programming language or find an engine that already has elements set up for a beast capture system.
So what should I use then? Flash is out of the question.I refuse to pay for it.
There's a Pokemon starter kit for RMXP that's actually really well done. You could tweak that to your liking instead of doing something from scratch, if you want.
Actually, you can create Flash apps with Adobe's free Flex SDK. You don't get to use their animation tools, of course, but if you're seriously to the point of considering C++ it can be a viable option to just use ActionScript instead. (flashdevelop.org for tools and more info.)

And yeah, if you're going to use an RM at least go with one that supports decent scripting. ^^
Why would you use flash? Are you making a web RPG? Anyway I personally would suggest just breaking into RGSS mods of something that works. The language is actually kind of simple to understand and I actually like it... Even though it feels really strange using Ruby to do it.
It wouldn't be a web RPG, but I heard from someone that you can use C++ to make executable games.
Let me rephrase this. I was going to use C++ to code the battle system. And I'm not going to pay for RPGmaker XP. It's freeware or nothing.
Have you tried looking up Gamemaker or Construct? They're not the most powerful languages/gamekits, but I think they could handle something like this.
What's Construct? And I tried game maker, and I didn't do much with it because it seemed there wasn't much for me to work with...
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