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..:: September 22nd, 2009 ::..

I figured I'd just post this in my time zone and open this up now, MY TIME ZONE IS SUPERIOR. B) Anyway expect some sort of rad coverage/feedback soon over the releases.

Basically this is the topic where you introduce your release and simply post the link to your gamepage, this thread usually gets locked by the end of sept 22nd (maybe mid 23rd?) so hurry up! Use the discussion topic to talk about other releases in general.

Sign Ups:
Kentona- Hellion FULL GAME
Feldschlacht IV- Chronology Something
Scribble- A West Indian Story
Ephiam- Dragon Fantasy: Venaitura
Darken- Some dungeon crawler type game
Tau- Something
Chaos- Cards
Liberty- Something
Ratty524- Tina of the Stars
Anaryu- SkyE Tactics
Dr. Pockets- Bite Sized RPG
captainregal- Into the Stars
nickad- A broken, short, and incredibly short something
Billwilliams- decent demo
Nessiah- tech demo
Craze- Epic Monster Path Explore!
JayEsz666- Saga Of Eternity
Lennon- Neo Lescia demo
maia- Demo of 30 Days to Armageddon
VideoWizard- Dragon Kingdoms: Birth of a Legend
J-Man- small demo of Arcanion
beakmanthegreat- Ark (Demo)
Airemix- Perception Rewrite: Gods of the Past
BboyHavoc- Lucadia
Glue- Wonders inc.
Lazer Kirby- Hero's Tales - Edgar's Journey
ahw- Shardsmack
King of Games- The Wars
Drakonais- TS: Tactics Minigame
Cop Killa- Super Jonas Brothers 3
WolfCoder- NovaForce.
NoblemanNick- Somnminuinuimijimin (Somnium)
dezz123- Azar: The Knights Of Yume
Clyve- Cliché RPG.
can't make a bad game if you don't finish any games
The nameable MC of Spirit-Stone, card-based mano-y-mano RPG.

Coming of age 20, he travels to the clan's shrine to the Gods to receive his spirit-stone - mark of a warrior within the clan, and enabler of the use of magic. Within one's spirit-stone is their divinely-chosen life companion, to accompany and compliment the warrior to his or her deathbed. Those with weaker spirits in their stones become the tradespeople, hunters, and townsfolk of the clan; those with stronger spirits, warlords and chieftains.

The MC's stone is unique - it holds three distinct spirits.


What, you expected something playable?

Lucadia Demo V1.0 Released

Have fun playing! I would really love some feedback.
goddamn you guys start early
My first public project, so go easy on me and don't expect too much (the in game title screen is a joke that won't be there in the full version)!

This will run you about an hour or two depending on your play style. Comments/criticism welcome.

Cliché RPG:

Screenshots of a couple of the custom features:

Ninja release!

"Project DOAD is a simple action based fangame. It has elements of RPGs, but it really isn't much of one. All possible details are explained in the in game tutorial."

Download was still pending last I checked. in the meantime you can download from here:


Wow. Time sure wasn't long flying by, and I can sure as hell give you all that much. Ba ha ha! Really though, it felt like no time at all had gone by since this was first announced and I actually started to work on another project...and now it's the release date already! Wooo!

Anyway...he he ha ha ha. Enough of that nonsense, and on to the actual good stuff! I'm going to have to apologize in advance for this, but because of either my horrible connection here at the College or the internet in general, I can NOT seem to be able to upload my game on to the site. It will probably load for a bit, but then a connection error pops up each and every time. So...yeah. You can all doubt me if you want, but I can assure you that the following is true: I'm going to give the game page for my project entitled "Dragon Fantasy: Venaitura" as well as a link to Filefront where I managed to -FINALLY- upload the completed game. It was quite a hassle, but I managed to get it done (and boy did it take long! >=O)

Here it all is then! Enjoy. =)

Game Page for "Dragon Fantasy: Venaitura"

Download link for "Dragon Fantasy: Venaitura"

Also, I have one piece of advice for you for when you first start up the game: Watch the beginning in the smaller screen (not quite full-screen) because it synchs up better (it relies a lot on timing for a good few parts).
Blink Release Something! Day demo.
Comes along with a set of complimentary resources from previous projects. The demo is missing any proper title screen :), and the absence of music is intentional.
Also, almost everything is examinable.
Run-time: Approximately five minutes.
Download size: 1.3 MB.
Instructions: Extract .rar file > Enter folder > Double-click the RPG_RT.exe.
For access to the resources, just locate the file 'Resources' that is provided in the main game directory.

Download Link:

Note: To end the demo, just return to the bedside.

why would i heal when i could equip a morningstar
The new game I've been blabbing endlessly about has revealed itself!

Game opener download:

here's a screenie from it:

Alright, my gamepage download is still pending, but here you go:


As I promised a short tech demo. Download is pending and you will need winrar to unzip the file.

TS: Tactics Minigame is out and ready for testing/highscore comparison.

Here's the gamepage link:

The whole scenario plays out in less than 5 or 6 minutes, so it's an easy play through. If anyone gets Rank S, you've got my congratulations.
I guess not a short demo, but depends if you do the quests in the game or not. Here is a demo or Arcanion, it hasn't been fully tested, so hopefully there isn't that many bugs. (It's still pending, but you can look at the pretty pictures in the mean time.)

I'm bringing this world back for you and for me.
Here's the release of the Somnium title screen. Enjoy!
Game demo is pending, so here it is:
Hero's Tales - Edgar's JourneyEternity's Point -
arMaiageddon V 1.0

Everyone has a photo of their title screen, but mine moves
Here's my last minute (i.e. made up on the spot) release, a logic puzzle:

The Warrior says the Mage lies. The Mage says the Thief lies. The Thief says that both the Mage and Warrior lie.

Warrior is (lying, telling the truth)
Mage is (lying, telling the truth)
Thief is (lying, telling the truth)
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