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EDIT: I didn't hear any interest, so I'm no longer looking for this at the moment.

So, I have some free time right now, and I've been wanting to make a game. However, my skillset is somewhat specialized/limited, and I work better if I'm working with other people for a deadline.

So I figure if anyone has a good deal of free time for a month, is interested, and skilled at things I'm not, we could do something together.

The only proof of my work so far is a couple of puzzles - one in Befuddle Quest, and one in Befuddle Quest 3.

Skill list:
Dialogue/Character Design/Character Development - This is probably my strongest point. I've done a lot of text-based roleplaying as various characters, and I feel pretty confident about it.

Spelling/Editing - Pretty good at this sort of thing, I don't know the exacts of semi-colons and the like, but I can usually tell misspelled words, bad punctuation, and the like.

Story/Gameplay Integration - I can figure out story from gameplay, or gameplay from story, pretty well.

Minigame/puzzle design - I've studied game design a good deal, and making minigames/puzzles/etc isn't too hard for me.

Kinda Skills
Plot - I think I can make compelling short-term plots based on character motivation and the like, but I lack the ability to string it together in a normal way. If I was writing plot on this, I'd highly lean towards a multiple-connected-short-story sort of thing.

Programming - I can kinda program

Music/Sound Finding - I can find stuff that pretty much works.

Battle Design - Battle Design is something I don't understand entirely yet, but I think I could get my head around it with effort. It's something I really want to learn, though, so I don't mind doing it.

Skills I lack
Graphic Finding - I would probably just default to some sort of RTP if it was left to me, I'm not a very visual thinker.

Graphic Design

Map Design - It takes me hours to make a map reach mediocrity.

Music/Sound Creation


If you're interested in making a game together, please send me a list of your skills and what sort of game(s) you'd be interested in doing via PM, or better yet, contact me on so we can talk more freely.

My most recent idea revolves around a piece of god or something as the main character, capturing souls that died in a war that created the god. It would see their most important moments as it returns them to the afterlife, being able to absorb them or use them as party members afterwards. Kinda stealing the Valkyrie Profile setup except all their stories would be interrelated rather than one-shots.

But I'm really open to other ideas too.
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