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Or I forget what the melody of it was, which happens incredibly often...

For the melody problem, get a staff notebook. One of the best purchases you'll ever make. :)
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No. 99% of his songs are hits. As in, they are memorable/catchy. No other composer in the video game industry is as good as Koji Kondo.

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1. pertaining to or dealing with elements, rudiments, or first principles: an elementary grammar.

Music SHOULD be "elementary." As in, it should pertain or deal with elements, rudiments, or first principles. It should be simple. Not avant garde or unmemorable.

lol you are just too much

edit: i had to come back and edit in some more disbelief at how bad this is
But in general I really hate video game music. Most of it is really bad. I play most games with the music turned off.
'tis a shame too.

EDIT: Also...

I think a brilliant soundtrack is the most exceedingly easy thing to have in a game. Everything else takes effort, an exquisite soundtrack is effortless. I say it's ludicrous to not have a freaking awesome soundtrack.

I go a little overboard in this department. I write cutscenes, dream sequences, and story in my game specifically to accommodate the unused awesome music that I want to include.

I think it's super important in a way that few will acknowledge. If a game is great without good music, you might have something positive to say about it. But add great music, and you'll actually be blown away. It's like the difference between a movie that you say "it was pretty good," versus a movie that you actually watch a hundred times.

That is SO NOT TRUE. Great video game music takes time and effort.

Are you a music major or something?
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video games music is not hard at all just throw 100k at an orchestra recording session and ur golden ***** fivestar soundtrack *****
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Meh, I think that it is probably easy enough to get a passable soundtrack but incredibly difficult to make a memorable and great video game soundtrack.
Well, for some composers, it's not incredibly difficult. It all depends on the composer. Memorability is a beautiful thing, though.
That is SO NOT TRUE. Great video game music takes time and effort.

this is it. this is the only thing you need to know.
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