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So as not to waste post:

I think one of the best workarounds for attack spamming I've seen in an RM game lately is Rei-'s Ascendence. There is no attack command- instead, you use skills for all battle actions. On top of this, there's a very well implemented weakness tier, much like that seen in Fire Emblem, that makes certain attacks more effective depending on the enemy they're used on. You recharge your MP by guarding. I was pretty blown away with this system when I played the Ascendence demo.
Result= strategy required, no button mashing. Success!

This is similar to the RPG I decide except that I still keep Attack command. However, all command will cost 'Stamina' and once the character runs out of stamina, the character will be tired and need to rest for one turn to recover stamina to their maximum amount. During this state, the character evasion will be 0%, hence any attack against them will surely hit them and with more damage also.
The way to recover stamina safely is to select guard command.

I also use elemental weakness/strength to help build more strategy in this aspect by having elemental associate to weapon. Exploit enemy weakness will decrease enemies stamina or prevent you from losing stamina ( depending on which mode you choose, offensive or defensive ).

Haven't implement this yet but at least it will keep players away from enter-spamming and spend sometime thinking on who should attack whom with what.
It is a delicate dance. If you make it too much of a hassle to even get through the average battle; the player may lose patience and just not want to play; if you make it too simplistic - it becomes boring.

With that said, this sounds like a perfectly reasonable excuse to mention my game for no reason!

As much as I hate the shtick; it's the easiest way to get my meaning across. Each character has their own set of commands. Some characters lack the attack command, some lack the defend command, hell; two characters in the game won't even be able to use the item command; a staple in pretty much every RPG.

Not only does it give each character further distinction from one another (the others being abilities stats and equipment capabilities), but it is an elegant first step to solving the attack mashing problem. The second step would be to, as many others have done, giving enemies certain weaknesses and strengths; as well as requiring the player to even heal during normal battles; while of course taking care to not make the encounters too long.

Shorter and harder encounters, giving the player the option to avoid fighting sometimes, and making each character distinct are a few basic steps every game can take to make battles a little more interesting.

Free MMORPGs > Unfree MMORPGs = Ass
why would i heal when i could equip a morningstar
NB I don't think you understand math, but I like the rest of your post. FFX-2 removes commands (Black Mages can't attack, for a simple example) and it works well.
Agreeing with Silv and others, just getting rid of single-command spamming is not sufficient to have an interesting system. My first post in the thread was basically trying to make the point that you may have to worry about it even when it's a mechanically subpar option in an otherwise good system.
I rather if you remove stable commands, such as Attack and Item, make sure these commands are stapled to classes or some class-like system and can be changed around, much like how in FF8 you had to choose only 4 commands which depended on what GF you had equipped and the abilities for it.

In my game, I may have guns use ammo. And when you run out of bullets for the gun, your weapon is either stripped away or you lose the Attack command. I want to be able to have weapons be equipped in battle (such as switching to a different type of gun or using a melee weapon), but with RPG Maker 2003, it's limited unless I do a large branching system that can get absurb based on the amount of possible items in the game.
In my game, I may have guns use ammo. And when you run out of bullets for the gun, your weapon is either stripped away or you lose the Attack command.

Dood, that's so what I wanted to do. Now I don't feel special anymore. ;_;
When the going gets tough, go fuck yourself.
In my opinion as long as you balance out each fight with different monsters/skills and things to be seen "attack spamming" really isn't that big of a deal.
I generally start games with a "just north of one attack to kill" idea for enemies, and by the end of the game it's usually taking two pretty good attacks or three decent attacks to kill.

There are exceptions though, in my game The Staff of Cyrenia, I have some enemies that only have like 4HP, but no matter what, physical attacks only do 1 damage - they're easily offed by the correct magic, but that makes it a pain in the rear to just spam attacks.
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