can't make a bad game if you don't finish any games
I don't see any reason they should be that boring.

Readability comes to mind. The easier a font is to read, the faster the player can move on.
Text can be interesting and still be perfectly readable. The difference in time it'll take to read that, versus a font that's a little less bland is negligible.

But it looks like they threw a title screen together based on what they could do, versus having a final design in mind and finding away to achieve that goal. The former is the normal course of inexperience, whereas, the latter almost invariably results in more interesting and flavorful products. So naturally, it seems best to stray from the first option.
can't make a bad game if you don't finish any games
...I thought you meant Darken's post.

Maybe I should pay attention for once.
The fault was mine. When I began replying, Darken hadn't posted yet, so naturally it looked like I was responding to his. I edited it after I saw that he had posted, but by that time you had seen my post and responded already.
Misunderstanding. We move on--
AS: Glad you like VX. Love the screen. Are those XP tiles? Also, did you just end up using upper-layer tiles for the corners? I don't know of a better way to do them in VX, but if there is one, I'd be glad to hear about it.

Two screenshots and an excerpt from one of the facesets of my current side project. It'll be a horror-detective story-adventure; you'll be playing FBI Special Agent Isaac Spencer investigating the whereabouts of a serial killer in the northern United States.

Oh, and...hello there.

Hey dude I like these a lot. The mapping is nice, as well as the details. It is similar to my own game in some ways. However, the lighting could use some work.

Wow, a decent looking RMVX map. Probably the first I've ever seen. How much of a pain was that to compile?
SFL- They are indeed XP tiles. Didn't have any non-RTP for VX so why not?
The upper edge of the cliffs is stored in the upper layer, the rest is in the lower. I basically constructed the tileset and such so that I could map as I would have in 2k3 or XP.

Nightblade- Not bad at all, actually. It took some time, but there wasn't anything too difficult about it.
They are indeed XP tiles. Didn't have any non-RTP for VX so why not?
The upper edge of the cliffs is stored in the upper layer, the rest is in the lower. I basically constructed the tileset and such so that I could map as I would have in 2k3 or XP.

AS: So, basically, you created all the tiles beforehand? Corner with snow, corner without snow, corner with cliff below, without, etc. Use much in the way of autotiling? How much room was left in D and E when you were done?

Sorry for the inquisition. =)
Okay, I'll check out some fancier fonts for the title, then, if not just make a whole new title screen. That one didn't really turn out how I was aiming, anyway.

Thanks for the feedback, everyone!
Yes, most of them were created before, or as I went if I found I was missing something. The only autotiles used there are the base of the bridge and the ground under the snow. If I had wanted, I probably could have crammed the entire upper layer into just B, but I spread it out between B, C an D for organizational purposes, never using more than a third of each. So there's still plenty of room.

And it's all good. =)
The action engine looks good and it seems full of nice details, I love how the hero's face reacts to the battle, but I agree that the graphic interface elements could still be smaller/more elegant and maybe not be spread all over the screen, just keep them nicely arranged in one corner or something… Oh, and that tree is just there for the giggles, right?

Not bad, nice original tiles, are those slime-covered walls? Anyway, the only thing that seems odd to me is the perspective of the trees, I think is a little bit off but it's no big deal, you should be able to fix it very quickly if you want.

Awesome job! I love the ‘mapping' (those are panoramas, right?) Anyway, is always nice to see lots of custom graphics, my only criticism would be that the lighting effects kind of ruin the whole thing, try to make them a little bit more transparent and instead of just white use a withe-ish shade of blue for that neon light.

About the face, I don't know it looks a bit messy to me, like a shrinked drawing, but in the other hand it captures a creepy feeling reminiscent of the kind of textures used in games like silent hill, so if that's what you were aiming for it's ok.

Nothing to criticize really, in fact I've seen other screens of your game around the forum and I'm in love with every single one of them, It almost make me want to switch to VX now that I see what can be done with it. Heh;

Btw, where do you get those gorgeous town pictures, do you make them?

Wow! Those are some superb mapping skills; just like with Darken I have nothing to really criticize about that screen, is amazing! The only observation I could make would be about the brightness of the moon, but then again you probably weren't putting much attention to it while having fun mapping the scene. Heh;

Anyway, here's a couple of screens of my game: "Nightfall"

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I love the screen with the blue fire. <3
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That's a quality screen right there.
You are in need of some serious flames man. That fire looks flat an unconvinving, like someone put orangey blankets everywhere. Where is the transparent burning look?
KoG is right, the left screen could use some work, especially with the flames but the right one is way cool.
Exactly what the previous two said. Those flames need a little bit of work (perhaps by adding some shades of red/orange, or by making them transparent?). I also love those subtle lighting effects you have going in the right-hand screen! Perhaps you could use some of those in the left-hand screenshot around the fire(s)? It would also add a nice little haze to the map, but that is just my personal preference :).
Post more screenshots :P!
alter, that right screenshot is a sexy beast; why hasn't a gamepage been made yet?!
Where is your gamepage?

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The way the dress falls on the boobs looks odd.