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This is an updated shot of SP3D's hub area. I heard it was a bit too bland before, so I made some tweaks. Now the zone doors look different, and I added more colored tiles outside each one. The Tutorial door is new, too.

And, yes, S.F.LaValle, I know you think the green lines are still too bright. But I'm going to politely disagree with you, because I think they're just dark enough currently.
I like the island building in the center, it helps give the sense that the pipe tile is a ceiling. Color seems fine to me.

is it too late for ironhide facepalm
Those doors are really cool! :D

I also don't think the ceiling tiles are that big a deal, like some folks have been saying. Maybe they've grown on me, I don't know. What exactly is that red ball on the cone?

@Darken: I-I say other things too... D:
90% of what tardis says is "I fucking love you" now AFD started repeating the same line.

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@halibabica: I'm digging the whole "Cyberspace" look but Lavalle is right. That green is very loud.
It draws me too much to that instead of the other parts of the room.

But thats just my opinion....
I think it's and issue with monitors like most brightness problems. It seems perfect to me.
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I'd make the sword stop waggling to prevent phallus jokes. Other than that, I like. :)
Looks like he's doing the show me your genitals dance. I laughed.

Good spriting though.
prevent phallus jokes
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How do ya think i should go about making the sword... y'know... not dick-like?
Easy, by not waving it around. Ideally, when you hold a sword you hold it firm and at a consistent angle.

Also look at this example by Adarias, do you see how the pose is a lot more combative and the knees are bending? Just some things to consider.
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Stance/posture might also be an issue; I can't really imagine a proper swordsman craning his back behind like that.

EDIT: What Darken said.
Tell Nightblade that....especially when I post up my next video....because I have a feeling he'll start some more shit.

It's not right that I have to hear his shit every fucking time I post a video.

All I say is "I like that, I really do!" and I get a warning? I'm not the one to critique on other peoples hard work so most of the time I just say "I like that." and thats it.

And then Nightblade starts an argument that envelopes a page of the screenshot topic and he doesn't get one?

What the hell!?
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It just looks like he's jiggeling his sword needlessly. You're probably trying to avoid the CLOUD STANCE cliché, so I say go with something similar to what Darken suggested, and try not to overdo it so much.

PS: Don't use Megaman music for your battle theme.

You can downplay prevent victory stance looping by making the victory stance battle animation exceedingly long.
Nothing to say that hasn't been said already.

Your Character jiggling his sword reminds me of the harry potter Gbc
games, where the characters played with their wands for their idle stances.

If you know what I mean:)
Mostly, when you are holding something heavy and metal, you try to hold it as steady as possible. The sword's movement should, therefore, only be a consequence of the torso moving, it shouldn't be moving on its own accord.

If you see in Darken's example the sword is only moving because his hand is moving, which itself is only moving because the arm is moving, which itself is only moving because the torso is moving. You have to take into consideration which part of the body is actually moving and which parts of the body/peripherals are moving as a result of that movement.

As an added bonus, the less the sword moves the fewer frames you need to make it look fluid and smooth. Always keep in mind how you'd move if you were getting ready to throw down. Someone fast is going to be keeping light on his feet, and someone powerful will be more relying on sound footing and upper body movement.

It's a lot when it's all typed out, but it doesn't take too long to take this into consideration, especially when you consider the time it takes to draw the damn thing and the end reward.

edit: contrary to what anime/fighting games would have you believe, most people don't move very much when they're readying to fight with swords. Look at modern fencers who conserve their movement as much as possible. Try to limit the movement to breathing and a little bounce in his step rather than gregarious dance maneuvers. After all, he is planning on cutting his foes in twain, and that takes energy. He can't be break dancing before every attack!

edit2: Sorry hali but that autotile just doesn't look like a roof autotile. It is too noisy. Roof autotiles shouldn't draw even the slightest bit of attention from the player, because who the hell cares what is happening on the roof? The ideal darkness would be so dark that is only a vague insinuation on an otherwise black tile, so the player can immediately determine the depth of the level. When you are working with bright colours and otherworldly shapes and object (in this case, cyberspace) you need to go to extra efforts to show clear, defined borders between the playing space and the background space.
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You have great spriting abilities I see D-bones.

I don't think theres anything wrong with the sword, it's animated great.
Some people may find the stance too wiggly but there is no "Right way" to hold a sword.
Some people will find it god some people may find it bad. I find it good...

A mind has to be really in the gutter to look at that sword and start thinking about private parts.

The only problem I have with it is like what Kaempfer said, the autotile.

You need to tone that red down. Thats the only thing I see.....but thats just my opinion....
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Fuck....double post

Yes, good job with the spriting and animation work. However, I think you need to work on the shading. It definitely has that pillow shading look to it.