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I thought I'd ask this because I always notice this.
Every time I click on the Engines tab, I always see the label for IG Maker and when I look in it, no games are there for it. Are people just against it for some reason? Does it just suck? I wouldn't know because I'm to cheap to pay $90 and too lazy to download a trial. Is there any particular reason why no one uses this engine (besides maybe its price?)
Confusing to learn, wav files for music, VERY big program and high system requirements, and absolutely no scripting. So eh, just a hunch why it hasn't gotten popular around here.

I strongly advise you to get the trial and see for yourself. Use gamemaker or something if you aren't satisfied.
I tried it out before the IG one and it's not really worth it :(
The 524 is for 524 Stone Crabs
I used the trial for a bit. It wasn't too confusing to me, though it was a little unclear due to the fact that you have to dig in your folders to find the help files. Creating a game completely from scratch is horribly difficult when you are starting out, so it's better to use the simple game generator just to play around with it easily and see how certain things are done.

Enterbrain hasn't really marketed this game maker the same way as the rpg makers, even on the English hompage the updates are slow. Also, what might be the biggest turn-off is its hefty program size, even short games that are made from it tend to have huge filesizes (I downloaded a short game called Jetiru, which was an HD -sized mario clone with only about 12 levels, but it was well over 10 MB).

The ability to port to flash and XNA is a nice feature, however, and it supports a variety of industry standard screen resolutions, it's almost made to create distributable games.
The great thing about rm2k and up is that they are very easy to learn and jump into. You easily learn as you go and get better and better with the program. However with IG there is a steep learning curve. Couple that with the lack of resources that darken listed and make it over priced and you have something that does not interest me.
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