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tr is the row, but td is the actual cells in the row.
As far as I can tell, the only difference is that I didn't have the "td" in after the "tr.odd" and "tr.even" parts so... what is the "td" for? (I'm assuming "inherit" is just taking the values I've set for #game_frame, which are the same as the ones there, so I don't think that is making a difference).

Basically the more specific you style something the harder it is to override. If you have say:
div table tr td { background }
div table tr { background }
any tr with a td in it is still going to take the first style over the second since it's more specific.

If you run Firefox you can get an add-on called Firebug that makes it really easy to test CSS on your page

Basically you can "inspect" any element on the page and it'll list every style effecting it - you can edit it and see the results live (it's temporary, refreshing the page loses anything you change) - after you get something you like copy-paste it over live.
if you run firefox you have no business testing CSS
I don't have this game yet :(
IIRC, you can get add-ons that will allow you to imitate the way pages are displayed in other browsers.

brb reading all pages as they are displayed in netscape 4

E: oh god my eyes
If you run firefox you have no intention of browsing, just staring at those horrible load times and oversized toolbar.
I don't have this game yet :(
Not all of its users are dumb enough to use their browser as a jeepney.

Some just want to browse the damn web.
Even without any plugins or toolbar additions it's still got a hug tool bar. That and it's sort of ugly to look at. I tried to use it but couldn't get past the toolbar Tetris (I think that came with the browser too...Who the hell needs that in the tool bars!?)
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