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Urgan the White is back, and better than ever!

Introducing Urgan the White in: THE QUEST FOR COLOR DELUXE.


Features the complete original game ported to ika with boatloads of new features to improve it for the those new and old to the game alike.

Brand new features:
  • New Particle effects give the game a visual boost
  • Entirely rewritten soundtrack, guaranteed to not make your ears bleed like the original.
  • Brand new sound effects added to give it that extra punch
  • Two new difficulty settings, hard and easy, along with the original normal difficulty. Maybe you can actually beat it this time! (Maybe)
  • Lifetime highscore recording so you can note your progress.
  • All-new manual to ease the difficulty curve and point out things even veterans might not know.
  • ACTUALLY restore color this time, maps re-color themselves after defeating all enemies
  • Much more!

All that and the same great gameplay of the original remains completley intact with the original maps and enemy layouts. For those unfamiliar with Urgan's plite, perhaps a refresher is in order:

Once upon a time there was a man named Urgan. Urgan lived in front of his computer, talking to people that were theoreticaly female. One day, while engaging in his favorite activity, the following conversation occured:

The Urg: Hey baby :p
h0tchix0rzpr1nce554348: hi ^_^
h0tchix0rzpr1nce554348: i hav a problm cn u help me????// ^_^;;
The Urg: Anything for you, babe ;P
h0tchix0rzpr1nce554348: sum evil dragen d00d stole my land's kolor -_- kan u come here an help????/// ill marry u if u do!!!111 ^_^
The Urg: Sure! :p

And at that very moment, Urgan was sucked into his computer, into another world.

A bleak world of nothing but blackness and whiteness, a strange figure handed Urgan a magical rod. With great authority it spoke, "Do not fight the dragon in his own lair- go to the mountains first, for in his realm you shall surely perish!". The figure was gone and Urgan began his quest- a quest for color!

Download game (3mbs)
Read manual
Official game website
I'm not comfortable with any idea that can't be expressed in the form of men's jewelry
Dude, I didn't know you were working on this. Or maybe I did and forgot.

The new particles are neat looking.
Well. I started it over ten months ago and then proceeded to finish it up in two days just so I'd have released something in 2007.
I have to try this over the weekend. I thought the original game was neat and you always make games that are pretty awesome.
I'll play this awesome looking game as soon as I get my laptop delivered! Completeness FTW!
I downloaded and tried, and it crashed my computer on 3/3 occasions. T_T
Haven't played a game that has been made using ika so i think i'll download it. Looks quite good as well as the features.
author=Euphorian link=topic=524.msg7377#msg7377 date=1200093059
I downloaded and tried, and it crashed my computer on 3/3 occasions. T_T

Did it give any particular error message or run part of the game up to a certain point before crashing? I know there were some issues with hacking in part of the standard Python library into the game's distribution but I wouldn't think they'd crash the entire computer (plus I thought I fixed the issues).
Nu-uhh. It froze twice at the title screen as I clicked Start Game. No response, no response.... Windows is not responding (O RLY)!
And then the third time I got to the map, and looked around for about two seconds before it died. =/
Again, the not responding deal.
There's a very low chance that downloading and installing Python (www.python.org) might fix it since the source of the cause may be from attempting to throw in only a piece of the standard libraries with the game, but it's not all that likely to fix it. Ultimatley, I have no idea what's causing that if it's something else. Computer hates ika or something. Doesn't really fit with any of the common problems.
I'm not comfortable with any idea that can't be expressed in the form of men's jewelry
What version of Windows do you have, Euphorian? There is a known problem with ika using Vista. I should hopefully be able to get a fix out for it.
That'll be why. I am stuck with Vista. >.<
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