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I only find this site that much more active than RPG Maker Resource Kit. In any case... RPG Maker 2003

Can anybody tell me how, if I/you mash the left and right keys incessantly, (although that's not a likely thing) that the hero won't end up veering off to the right/left due to phasing? Unfortunately, for the hero to jump between ladders, the phasing must be on, but then there has to be a point that the phasing must turn off. Add to that, the hero must take a slight pause to be damaged and move one step down, to indicate his being hurt by the elevator. Don't worry, the thing's only a meg. I just CAN'T figure it out! This feels so unrefined!!

'Kay... let's see what I've done already... I've tried halting all movement, but that essentially screwed everything up. I've tried turning the phasing off immediately at the moment you get hurt by the elevator, but there's still a split second you can walk to the left or right. I forgot the rest of what I've did, I've tried all kinds of shit all day, and it still has a split second that you can either move right or left, phase through, and either get frozen in the scenery, or continue walking up. It's that, or making a jump only to be hit by a moving elevator. Then the split second is during the moment you're being hurt, which is WEIRD, because you shouldn't even have control over your character during a "move hero" event. Just what is up with this?
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The problem appears to stem from the fact that when you are hit by the rocks the movement of one tile down overrides all other movement, including the jump and regardless of the current movement being completed or not.

I tried to find a way around it, including stopping the rocks while the jump is in progress, but you've coded the minigame in such a way that if one part is the slightest bit different then the entire thing breaks down.

I can only suggest you find a solution from there. To reiterate, it's the result of the rock-hit-damage-movement forcefully overriding everything else.

Also, as an aside, all of the common events can perform far better as map events.
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