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Screeshots (Sorry they suck)

A basic fight, showing the tactical aspect.

A shot of the town square along with the townspeople. I'm going to try to make all characters the same height, btw.

Ashtoreth, once the most populated city in the whole kingdom, has been reduced to ruin. A mysterious attack upon the town ripped it from it's very foundation and the survivors live in fear of a unknown evil at work. Not knowing if the Lord of Ashtoreth lives, or the status of the military, the people have begun to lose hope.
Enter Basu--ranger of the Whisperwind Forest. A traveler who must discover the source of chaos and rid the city of it, before he and everything else is devoured.

-Ashtoreth supports a tactical combat system involving movement and range. Each character generates AP, and when they reach 100, it's their turn. They spend AP on abilities and wait until they've reached 100 again to act. More tactics, less encounters is my motto.
-MP is a thing of the past, Energy is replacing it. Each character has 3 Energy. Some abilities require Energy, most don't. Energy refills constantly during combat, and pauses out of combat.
-Each character has 18 unique active abilities combined with 18 passive abilities to equip. Item creation, exploration, and side quests will flesh out the game.

Here is a preview of the characters and some power excerpts from my game :D

Characters (PCs)
Basu Wolfsbane
A trained ranger, master of the sword and bow. He is able to utilize some limited nature magicks taught to him by his mother. He was in Ashtoreth when the city began to shake and crumble. He is a tough character with a respectable pool of hit points and a good Strength score. He also has a bonus to his ability to parry melee attacks.

Slash. A basic command, Basu quickly slashes at a foe.
War Cry. Basu releases a loud shout, increasing the physical power of himself and nearby allies.
Arrow Rain. Basu releases six arrows quickly into the air, raining down upon six unlucky targets.
Battle Haste. Basu summons his adrenal prowess to speed up his actions briefly.
Cleanse. Using the healing power of water, Basu cleanses an ally of all poisons and diseases and restores a small amount of hit points.
Nature's Blessing. Summoning the power of nature itself, Basu infuses himself with supernatural might, increasing his Strength and Armour and causing each successful attack to restore some hit points.

Raine Greenleaf
A beautiful half-dryad rogue, Raine left her homeland in the wood to see the sights of the city. She has since found her way into Ashtoreth where she met the most unlikely person imaginable... her ex. Raine is a very fast character who's abilities require very little AP (the driving force behind the turn system.) She has tons of utility and she is the character that can make or break a fight. She is master of melee combat, subterfuge, and some basic illusion magick.

Shoulder Toss. Raine grapples an enemy and tosses them away, causing light damage and decreasing their AP (lowering them on the turn order.)
Combat Reflexes. Raine enters a state of temporary heightened awareness, increasing her Strength, her ability to land critical blows, and her ability to dodge incoming attacks.
Feint Attack. Raine deftly strikes an enemy with defensive footwork, causing light damage and increasing her ability to parry greatly, for a short period of time. Useful when low on hit points or surrounded by many foes.
Paralysis Palm. Raine uses a secret martial arts maneuver to paralyze a foe for a brief period of time. She must be hidden to execute this ability. (Hide is an ability of hers.)
Shadowstep. Raine instantly moves to another location on the battlefield of her choosing .
Veil of Darkness. Raine summons a blanket of magickal darkness upon the battlefield, decreasing all enemies accuracy.

Vajra Blackstone
A wizard of frightening power, Vajra was sealed away many years ago in the depths of Ashtoreth. No one knows much more about the infamous and deadly archmage. Vajra has the ability to use Blood Magick, a powerful force that ignores all types of Armour and Resistance to magick.

Rupture. Vajra causes the enemy's blood vessels to rupture, causing them to suffer bleeding for 10 seconds.
Stigmata. Sacrificing some health, Vajra causes extreme damage to any enemy nearby. Afterwards, Vajra continues to bleed momentarily.
Flame Breath. Vajra exhales a magickal blast of fire, causing damage to enemies in a cone. Can cause Burning. (A status effect that causes target's to briefly suffer fire damage over time.)
Combustion. Vajra instantly causes a powerful explosion of fire to consume an enemy. Causes additonal damage to enemies who are burning, but consumes the burning effect in the explosion.
Negative Energy Ray. Vajra blasts an enemy with a beam of pure negative energy, causing damage and decreasing their magickal resistances.
Feedback. By placing this ward upon an ally, Vajra's magick reflects a portion of all damage upon the attacker.

Pallas Goodhand
A shining Paladin of the Order of the White Lotus. She is strong of will, reflected in her uncanny ability to resist magick, and an expert combatant. She has the highest Armour score and the most hit points, making her the group's defender. She wields a mighty hammer, the power of blessings, and devastating Holy Magicks.

Crushing Blow. Swinging her powerful hammer, Pallas crushes a foe, causing damage and decreasing their Armour score.
Morale Boost. Pallas sings an encouraging cry, increasing everyone else's AP. (Turn order essentially.)
Prevention. Pallas places a holy blessing upon an ally that absorbs some damage before disappearing.
Inspire Faith. Pallas instills an ally with a feeling of power, increasing their Intellect for a while.
Chasten. Pallas shocks an enemy with holy energy, causing some damage and causing Chastened. (A status effect that increases holy damage taken.)
Rebuke. Pallas smites a chastened enemy with holy retribution, causing damage and decreasing their Strength and Intellect but removes the Chastened status effect.

Each character also has passive abilities that can be equipped by the player and switched out anytime outside of combat.

I posted this at GamingW, but I realized it was a large enough post to probably be it's own topic. :P And I wanted to post it here anyway, so this works well :D
Conquest is made from the ashes of one's enemies.
I will play this simply because your username is a reference to Ashley "100% awesome" Riot.
Man I hope yoju pull this off well, I absolutely love tactical battle systems, but only wjhen they are done right!
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