2 more artworks and then a propery event can be worked on!! for now coloring @_@
I think I must be going insane. I'm spriting a cross between Robocop, Venus de Milo, and Amtrak.
Remake all the map, tileset, dialogue, database, faceset and event.
Yeah, i near my limit before i break XD
if squallbutts was a misao category i'd win every damn year
Just finished transferring my scripts and encountered a peculiar bug in the code when party members are added during battle. Thankfully the entire reason members had to be added was kind of stupid anyway, so I just removed it. I haven't encountered the bug anywhere else so I hope it doesn't show up again!

Now that's done, I'm going to map out some levels. I should, technically, map out the mountain level first...but I feel like doing the Volcanic Tunnels, so I will. Gotta take motivation and run with it!
Setting up some basic RPG systems. Steal, steal gold, scan, etc. I think I'm going to make an RPG that really defines what I think makes an RPG fun.
TDS, that FF1 menu makes the virtual counterparts of my nether regions tingle.

(You should release spell charges as a public script.)

Really? I honestly thought the menu looked like crap. As for releasing public scripts. I want to but, I hate posting scripts in forums, since I suck at support them. Maybe I'll make a site and start uploading all these scripts.


Working on this.

^the barrel reflection is kinda wonky.

I'm making a blog/website for my game.
Also polishing it in general for release.
Yeah, but it's a starting point.

Need to work out the math behind skewing an image, and things like that and looking at how other games do reflections on different surfaces like mirrors, water etc.
Working on the title screen for my game.

Currently it's http://rpgmaker.net/media/content/games/2200/screenshots/untitled3.PNG

My newest screen is http://img24.imageshack.us/img24/9619/54379390.png

I don't really know which is better, though.
They both look like WordArt stapled to a stock photo. Ugh, I've been there, what with my utter lack of art skills. I'd either spruce up the lettering to make it appear as equally vibrant as the background or else make a more 8bit looking woods to match that neat gradient on the second screenshot.

12 characters, 12 skills each: 144 skills just for player characters. HNNNNG. I'm not sure yet if having that many skills for what is a fairly small project is really practical or worth it!

I have the skillsets of 5 characters finished; 60 skills down. Approaching the halfway point.

Or I would be, if I wasn't entirely clueless what to do with this particular character. I have the gist of each character's skillset written down in one of my documents, but that was in the game's infancy. Pretty much none of these ideas are practical anymore except for a few passive skills. Maybe I'll just make up stupid ridiculous damage formulas and make a bunch of attacks based off those. (I'm not sure if I'm even joking oh god)

It could just have to do with my brain wanting to die given that it is 2:20 AM and I have been vidgam-makin' much longer than I generally do in a day. It could also have to do with the fact that everything about this project is ill-advised! hnnnng
Haven't touched RPG MAKER for a few months now. But yeah, still on that same chipset :).
Working on Hercules' intro scene in ANISC
Valthirian Arc port OTL
I'm making V2 of my cash cow before September.
Just finished Valthirian Arc Series plot. Now to work on Alice again 'w')

I've got everything I was going to do right now coded and working, now to make it look better!