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In the same vein as What are you working on, what are your plans and goals for 2010? RPG making-wise, of course.

For me, I've wrapped up pretty much everything I wanted to do in 2009 so 2010 is essentially a blank slate for me. I plan on whipping up Generica:TNG early in the year and then after that, who knows? I may just fade out of the community and retire a legend.

Things I am considering:
-Making the Missiongarde community game
-Making an RPG in RMVX
-Learning XNA and making a "real" game

If I find the will, I will also continue writing SNEWSes.
-Getting at least semi-decent at pixelart, and maybe make some graphics for other people's games.
-At least start a game in VX. I'm thinking of making a custom battle system with events like Deadly Sin; I was actually doing this successfully many moons ago, but VX randomly corrupted my data before I'd decided to make a backup.
-Get a job, buy a computer that doesn't suck ass and make a platformer in Construct (there are numerous problems with this computer that get in the way of Construct working properly).

Maybe I'll even get one of these half-done by 2013!
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->Release a crappy demo or something, and/or
->Forget about this RPG Maker business altogether. I have done fuckall in the four five and a half years I've wasted trying to be part of a community I have little in common with.
-Make a game with 60-70% original graphics. I've started it now, but it will not be out until 2010~ some time. It's going to take on the appearance of very early Ultima's and dungeon-crawlers, so it will not take much to make the graphics.

-Plan out a decent and fun Side-Scroller that a friend and I plan to work on. This may escalate beyond simply making something just for fun, and may lead in to the commercial business some time down the road. However, tons and tons of practice is required first to get the hang of everything (he is a great programmer, but we both need to pratice it all).

-Finish Dragon Fantasy: Venaitura II...maybe.
-Slowly chug along with making SWEET CHOPS: THE SECOND COOKING.
-Slowly chug along with creating Fantasy of Teh Heartz.
-Continue to pathetically lurk within the forums like it's my love-child while continuing to be overlooked and curse at myself.
Finish Complete Chaos

and possibly Mystery Man Zero
-Actually finish Avian Legends.

I've been working on this game for too long -_-
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My game should be finished in 2010.
- Have twelve episodes of the interview series out over the year.
- Make a game. (considering working on this game chill thing is great fun this is not entirely impossible)

I don't really have any huge goals... Yet. I still have a couple of days to come up with something really good.
-Hopefully make some significant progress on Neo Lescia.
-Maybe make a short game with custom graphics, and maybe even a custom soundtrack.

That is all.
To put 200 hours of my soul into a game and have it eviscerated on the podcast.
-Release the full tech demo for the Ethereal Dreams revamp (finally)
-Maybe start the actual game version? @o@
- Resume my game that I left because I realised I had no story.
- Regain that same vigour I had back when I first saw RPG Maker 2000.
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Make another complete game. What else?
Ideally, release Dego in the first month or two of 2010.
Chronology will definitely be done in 2010.
- Make good NotSMW progress. Probably be finished in 2011.
- Finish and release the short prequel that was supposed to be done in September (I rule) and at least one of the other two 3-4-ish hour games I have planned (one a Notes on, the other nonrelated).
- International fame and fortune as a direct result of one or both of the above.
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I want to finish Pokemon Hunter 4/Super Porygon 3D and start PH5 in VX. But only time will tell...
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