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I'm Crystalgate, male, 28.

Other than RPGs (which includes P&P RPGs), I'm interested in science and fantasy.

I tend to approach RPGs in a similar way as I approach science. Whenever I see a new mechanic or idea, I spend time looking into not only if it worked or not, but also why it worked or didn't work. This behavior sometimes extends to other genres. Chance is my posts are also going to focus on gameplay mechanics.
I am tired of Earth. These people. I am tired of being caught in the tangle of their lives.
you're so ....old! (but so am I. I may even be older than you). I also approach RPGs like I approach science - I read about new science in bite-sized easy to understand chunks in Scientific American and then never actually apply (or even remember) much about what i just learned.

Welcome to RMN! Post lots!
Hope to see ya around, Crystalgate! If you're interested, there's plenty of places to talk about game mechanics here.

you and forums poster 'chaos' will be the best of friends

Well that's worrying, i actually read that as lemocle 2 times, wondering why you'd added a W. I like to think this is because i'm tired.

Welcome to the site Crystalgate :)
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