Ask on the event page.
Done. Thanks!
but if it is a fan game do give credit and link to the orignal game
Guardian Angel of the Description Thread
I would recommend mentioning that the game is a fan-game of such-and-such in the description, regardless of how well-known the original game is.
Edit: This thread is specifically about game submissions, disregard.
It takes a day or so to update, so give it time. If your review got accepted you'll get it when the clock strikes twelve, just like Cinderella.
Have things changed a bit by now?
I submitted a game last friday and it's still pending, does it take longer when you check the Privacy/Hidden Profile?
Or maybe I overlooked a button, I have 11 Images shown on the image page and already added descriptions, so the screenshots have been uploaded, right?

It's not urgent though, again, I have it marked as hidden, just curious.
Your submission, War on Christmas, was denied. Reason was: "We don't allow hate speech on the site.".
Hm, hate speech? Things must have changed in the last 6 years, could I get some details?

This is a remake, if it is against the rules, you might want to delete my original game too, here is the link:

This is the tailer:

It was even a featured video in 2013.
Had a video featured in the RMN TV section of the main page.

I am a german (I am sure you have heard about our great sense of humor) and cultural Christian, philosophical atheist/transhumanist/cosmist, my whole family is Christian. This game and the remake were meant as a parody to poke fun at extremists and what I perceive as ridiculous ideas, namely:
- Fundamentalists, young earth creationists, anti vaxxers, christian scientists and flat earthers.
- The fact that (at least from my experience on Youtube), people conflate atheism with being socialist/anti-capitalist/evil/nihilists
- That christmas is the one and only tradition and holiday around the winter solstace (when in reality it has created to mirror other pagan holidays)
- That its somehow an evil plot to wish someone "Happy Holidays" when in facts, it's the inclusive thing to do, since there are my different holidays at that time of year
- The whole showmanship of Bill O'Reilly
- The traditions of Christmas, like Santa (him, not your parents and relatives giving gifts to you if you were nice), which seems pretty communist to me.
- That there is actually a WAR ON CHRISTMAS

Now, it's your site and your rules, if the new game equates to hate speech, please go ahead and delete my old game too.
(The gameplay really sucks when compared to the new version, so it's not a big loss anyway)
Yeah, I probably will, since it also has hate speech in it. Thanks for the heads-up on that!
No problem, your site, your rules.
Thanks for clearing that up.

Am I still okay if I post some screens/videos of the game in the "Screenshotthread" or "what are you working on?" if I only show game mechanics? (For feedback on Gameplay or Interface, without showing Dialog/Context)
The game itself is mostly for getting to learn Javascript and then maybe use the Warfare (RTS) system in a serious project.

But, while we are at it, could you check my (old) main project? (That I might continue/remake in MV, so if this version isn't okay, I won't bother submitting the new version)


It doesn't deal with real figures or religions, but the world is based on the seven deadly sins, the main villan's philosophy is based (among others) on a combination of Ted Kaczynski (and his Neo-Luddism) and John Calvin (and his ideas about Providence and Predestination), while the heroin is based on early Christian mysticism and the concept of Hagia Sophia/Holy Wisdom&Logos, the Messianic archetype, the concept of a Bodhisattva, and also some ideas from transhumanism (which has been called the worlds most dangerous idea). It might well offend people.
Sorry to push this, but its been more than 2 weeks now.
Is the remake for my main project in the clear, since it doesn't name any real people, or are the use of allusions enough to push it into forbidden territory?
(assuming the gamepage/presentation follows the old one, just with different screenshots/slightly altered features)

You didn't specify where your definition of hate speech starts (or which dialogs/text you see as such) and I thought I'd been in the clear (which obviously wasn't the case) because for me it seemed to fall under parody/satire, which is something thats also present in the main game.

My current plans for the remake are to start with the release of a tech-demo of the battle system, hopefully around the end of next month. I like to link threads in other forums back to this sites gamepage since its were I usually update most frequently, but if I know beforehand that the game will be rejected, I won't have to delay the release because the game is marked as pending. (In fact it won't even be pending, since I wouldn't even submit it if, I knew it to be against your rules)
I've not gotten a PM from you about this, as far as I can see, nor did I see the previous post, so... I've no idea what you're talking about when it comes to the terms you're using. Can't you express your ideas in plain language? Like, you throw around words like "Neo-Luddism" and "Hagia Sophia" as though you expect any normal person to know what they even are.

I'll make it easy on you - if it makes fun of easily-identified religions/people/races/etc for 'the lols', then no, it's not allowed. If it uses themes like homosexual relationships/gender-acception/etc in a deliberately negative manner (that is, sending a message that gay or trans or non-binary people are bad) then it's not allowed. If it has sexual content that is above PG-13 for the sake of having sexual content or for the lols or being handled inappropriately (which includes anything that would be counted as hentai), then not allowed.

A lot of games that go for parody/satire do so with the intent to spread hate speech whilst being able to say "but it's just making fun, no hard feelings, it's just a joke, don't be so serious!" Fuck that. Not allowed.

We're not against harmless silly fun, but when you drag in politics/religion/sexuality/gender/race/etc into a 'joke' for the intention of deliberately making such out to be terrible, horrible, no-good thing, then it's hard to believe that there's no ill (or deliberate) intention behind such a creation, thus no.

If you wish to talk more about what your game has in particular within it, then bring it to PM, please.
No, I just refered to the time since the last post, I thought you would watch this topic.
Thanks for making the terms a bit more clear.
I'll send you a PM with some details later this week.
Thanks for the quick reaction.