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Sometimes when test playing, Rm2k3 seems to randomly stop responding to inputs. It can be working fine one moment and then the next, it just stops responding. The game still runs. For example running a test battle, the music plays, and the party and menus animate, but keyboard inputs just do not respond.

This is becoming irritating as it always seems to happen at the most inopportune times. Any insight on what causes this? And for reference; I have RM2k3 running on Windows XP Service Pack 3 Compatibility Mode and Run as Administrator.

Edit: Actually F9, F12, and Cancel work, but Decision and Direction keys don't. Even stranger.
I've noticed a strange phenomenon where the alt key replaces the action key and is the only one that works - enter, space and z all stop working, but then randomly start working again later.
The alt key problem has been happening for years, not just with W7. Used to happen on my 98 and 2000 Windows as well.

As for your problem, Skie, I have no idea. My RM2k3 works perfectly on W7. Perhaps double check your keyboard functions as well as the sticky keys. I did have some problems with sticky keys a while ago.
yeah, possibly sticky keys.
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