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Aniru, a young 14 year old was living in his forest home when his parents were taken away from him. A gang of evil minions, called the Lersu, have taken his parents and killed them. As he began to look for his parents, he believed that they may have some information in their drawers. When he find's his parent's information, he figures out that they worked for the Dark King. After finding this, he took his father's Runed Sword and slipped past guards at the dark king's castle by midnight. While trying to kill the king, the king killed him by using a dark spell. But, Aniru did not die. On a night, two weeks after he was captured, he escaped his prison cell and defeated all of the guards with ease. One thing he wondered; 'Why didn't I die? Why am I this powerful?' The answer is pretty simple. The Dark King gave him immortality hoping that Aniru may defeat his enemies. Instead, he turned on the dark king. Once immortality is set on asingle human, it cannot be removed... as it is a good effect. After escaping the Dark King's fortress, he enter's King Naimn's territory. After talking to a few guards, and telling him his perdiciment, King Naimn took him in as his son. After taking an oath to meet the dark king face to face, Aniru begins his life-long trip to find and destroy the dark king.

Our History
Our history has only been recorded for about 3.7 centuries. As there are only three kings on the human kingdom and one king on the dark kingdom, they still live to be. The two kings before were killed by The Dark King. Scientists and Geoligists wonder about how the world came to be. We know that 4 centuries ago, the world was desolated with nobody on it, but then a mysterious force created life on the world as we know it. Controling this force may be useful in ways to destroy the dark king.

Age: 15
Backround: Aniru is a normal kid. He was supposed to be the heir to the dark throne, but he betrayed the dark king and is now the heir of King Naimn's throne. With the power of immortality, and the ability to not age, Aniru begins his trip to find and destroy the dark king.

The Dark King
Age: ???
Backround: The Dark King has a substitute name. His name is unknown, and his age is unknown too. He is partially immortal, that he can regenerate and resist aging. But, his power may be no match to Aniru in his main form....

King Naimn
Age: 39
Backround: King Naimn is the ruler of the human kingdom and one of the most powerful men in magic. He takes Aniru in as his only hope to destroy the dark king himself. King Naimn was the third king of the human kingdom.

Blood Guard
Backround: The Blood Guards are basically half-human guards that were turned evil by the Dark King. The guards were once humans, but his overwhelming power has turned them into part elf as well. Somehow, these elfs aren't good, but evil. They only take commands from the Dark King.

Magics and Forces
Magic is one of the main things used in the game. Besides healing, damaging, or stat increasing, they are basically used to achieve goals and help the hero do things. More can be found within the GAME MANUAL. Magic was found by Ethral Senthiner, the elven sage. He doesn't live today, but his discoveries are in writing all around the world. Magic is used from the Magic section.

About the Rune system, you can equip a DMG rune. It is mainly called DEATH, but you can increase the DEATH RUNE's effects by buying or finding a Death Stimulator. When using the stimulator, Aniru's death rune adds more damage and a few other things.

- Custom Traveling System
Travel the world with a customly designed Traveling System.

- Custom equipment system.
Each character has 3 slots in this order:

Weapon - Character's Weapon. Used in Battle.
Armor - The character's armor.
Dmg. Rune - A rune that deals damage. Mainly it is limited to Death.

- Expertly designed introduction scene along with cutscenes.
- Timer system. See how long you have played.
- Quest system. Use SHIFT to bring up Quest Window.

More to come! Also, an RMN page is to come later when I get screenies of my game. ^_^
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