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This isn't necessarily "artistic" but it is an art game!
Basically it's online pictionary, and it's pretty fun to play with some RMNers (Dudesoft, uh, oto and some others were playing it with me last night.)

So, guys, let's get a larger RMN game going.
Hit me up on AIM if you want to play.
It's pretty easy and quick to get the hang of... and. NO ART SKILLS REQUIRED. Everyone pretty much sucks at drawing quickly with a mouse (the good drawings are people who use tablets) but honestly, if you can draw anything to represent your word, it's fun.
I've played this before and it is fun. You can drop in for 5 minutes and out just as easily. I'd really like to get on this at some point too.
I've never tried it before, but what the heck, might as well. As long as you tell me when everyones getting together I'll be there i suppose.
Ah I remember this. Lasted for an hour and never came back.
One of these days I'll guess white house and be right. You'll see.
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