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Yeah... We've all done it... We've all started projects which were tossed by the wayside in order to make way for something bigger and better. Most never leave the planning stage but a few get decent work in before they're tossed away. Let's honor the fallen today and post any screenshots you may have of your cancelled projects, with a brief description about them. I'd be interested to hear about the projects people tossed away.

I'll start with mine:

One Night Isolation (AKA One Night 1.5)

The original One Night was what I would say quite a successful horror game, remaining even today the most well recieved of my projects. I had intended it to be a once off game but some players were bugging me with requests for a sequel, so I started one, which was named One Night: Isolation.

It was going well... It was a direct sequel to the first game and expanded on the idea of "merges" featured in that game's storyline but when I reached about 60% completion, I realised something; the main draw of the original game was solving the mystery of what had happened and Isolation did not offer this, its story involving pretty much the same events of the first game merely in a different location.

Thus, I restarted. With most of the same characters and some of the same maps being used, I knocked up The Beyond instead.

Chaos Genesis: Paradoxical Political Drama

With its name somewhat inspired by Phylomortis 2, Chaos Genesis was a futuristic themed J-RPG about a maniacal dictator who had come from the future to create a world war by starting conflict between two of the world's great nations. The twist was that the villain was in fact a future version of the protagonist, who defeats him and lives on knowing that in order to preserve the time stream he must one day go back and become his own nemesis.

This was about 20% into development, then a hard drive crash utterly erased every data file it was contained in.

Fated Genesis

Fated Genesis was a side project I had worked on alongside Chaos Genesis, and it was a psuedo spin off of that game which although taking place in an alternate world and having an independent storyline linked in heavily with Chaos.

It was actually a nifty little project. It had a completely custom menu system, and a fully functioning real time battle system too. The story was about a time traveller called Sameal who took it upon himself to change history to suit his own personal liking.

Again, this was wiped out in a hard drive crash in 2008.

i can't because i have appromixately 260 of them
if squallbutts was a misao category i'd win every damn year

Let's play guess-the-fan-game.

Lol custom =p.

I was going to have Squall have a split personality and go around killing people. Because he's a Guardian Force. And he got experiemented on. Funnily enough I wrote this plot before I played FF7. D:
i can't because i have appromixately 260 of them

S-Special Project will live forever.......................
A Warhammer 40k strategy fangame that I ended because I noticed I had no idea to do enemy AI.

A zombie sim inspired by the Zafehouse game. It died because I just didn't have a proper system idea that worked. And I wanted to cram too much into too little.

A game based on a setting I've worked on for over ten years. This was back when I still used rm2k (and 2k3 wasn't out yet).

hmm those were all the screenshots I found online from before. I probably have hundreds of others that I never bothered to take screenshots of.
I had a few but one day I did something incredibly stupid: Looked for FILEZ for something damned if I know what it was now, predictably got a virus so I flattened and reinstalled from an old Windows XP CD (which may not have been legit). Problem: Old versions of XP don't know how to handle really big hard drives but they don't know that. A ton of shit ended up half corrupted, included my old RPG Maker projects. Oh well. (unrelated: I have bought my own version of Windows since)

Lost Fantasy
First RM95 project, the hero graduates from fighter school with his dragon buddy and they go adventuring together! Involved some stupid EPIC plot involving going from one moon to another fighting goblin-birdpeople or something like that. It was really terrible in every way!
No screens, this was deleted because back then I didn't like keeping old projects (I also didn't have a terabyte of storage either)

Chrono Stasis
Last RM95 project. One day the protagonist needs some cash to buy some wacky thing the local store received (???) so he does jobs in town to get the cash for it. As he got the last Byun/equivalent for cash (???), FIVE FOREIGNERS WITH STRANGE LAUGHS (???) bought it first and left. The protagonist REALLY wants that so he recruits his buddy and they chase after the FIVE FOREIGNERS WITH STRANGE LAUGHS (:ughh:) but th dynamic duo get kidnapped by slave traders but they break free and decide to bust the traders or something and fuck I don't know what I was going with this. I think the mystery object could cause time to freeze which could stop an evil demon or something and that's all I remember.
No screens handy, but I do have a download link

Quest for the Gold
That red armor dude and a ninja go looking for cash! At some point they find that evil armor dude who just reek evil and they go on a quest to stop him or something. Involves flying fish, RTP, one and a half towns, and nothing worth a shit! :D
No screens, but just imagine RTP mountainsides or something. It was a "holy fuck RM2k owns!" project. I still have it but it is lackluster in every imagining of the word. Stole the starting area for the starting area of the LF in Demon's Gate

Age(s) of Darkness
Second 2k project. Involves the hero graduates from fighter school with his dragon buddy and they go adventuring together! (wait what didn't I already do that?) They decide to take their fighter school further or something but along the way some super guy and his flunky hire pirates to kidnap the dynamic duo (wait didn't I do something like this too) to push them along the right way so they could some day fight against some super evil ancient sealed demon that would become free or something. At some point a mage-cow would join the party.

Lost most of it to Windows and hard drive rape :( I did resuse the world map for the LF in Demon's Gate though

Age(s) of Darkness 2
The biggest RM2k project I ever tried to make. The plot wasn't a complete joke and it had some fancy features compared to my other games. The game starts with the player a lieutenant in the (not-evil (seriously)) Empire's army invading some desert Arabic kingdom (not some allegory for the Crusades or anything (seriously)). You invade and depending on how you do the invasion (infiltrate their castle and attack their king or open the gates so your army can pour in) affects who your recurring villain will be (king's right hand man taking revenge for the king's capture or some group the king hired to get his revenge after escaping capture). Both villains have the same plot: Poison the main character! After some terrible hammy dialogue including 'Tears of the Soliders' getting poisoned the general of the whole thing tells the main character to go to the SCIENCE ACADEMY to see what they can do. The main character get's an escort (One important one and two random ones from a list of like, twenty) and they head out.

The recurring villain hears about this and intent on making sure the main character doesn't get cured follows him (I didn't know the graphic I use was supposed to be female! (seriously)). The General hears about this and sends a captain after the main character to warn/help. Doesn't matter, the main character gets to the SCIENCE ACADEMY, SCIENCE occurs, the main character agrees to some other scientist's SCIENCE to get elemental powers (pick an element and you can learn skills of that element by getting points from enemies!), villain blows up SCIENCE ACADEMY and tries to finish off the main character while he' weak from SCIENCE surgery or something, and main character, important escort, and the captain end up in the rival Empire's territory (somehow (seriously)). Instead of getting back to friendly territory, they go through some cave and end up in the SCIENCE EMPIRE territory where they are captured. Planned to be used as human experiment fodder, they make a deal with some engineered species to escape. They do but as it turns out the engineered species were made to take over the world or something and now they're free to do so by taking over the bodies of humans or something. Then I moved on to another project and since I was still making plots as I went along it never got past this part.

Probably my best 2k project for both fancy (terrible) features and actual progress made and a plot that wasn't downright retarded.


Almost entirely lost, this one got the worst of the Windows hard drive rape. I have a few maps and graphics left but not enough to piece together anything.

The Most Pointless Game Ever 3/4
Sequel to TMPGE (don't play it, it is the RTP of RTP games to the point that the database is 99% RTP). Go through four dungeons to get access to an airship so you can fight the legendary evil! Build a party from rips from popular Square games (and some other losers) and climb the one tower that I had almost finished! Has some dungeon design (unlike the original) and puzzles which weren't very interesting or imaginative but it is still better than something!

I still have this, I stole the best puzzle (which I stole from Smiley RPG) for Demon's Gate.

The Amazing Incredible Tales of...
Some contest or something. Involved pirates, ninjas, lumberjack city, and a quest from a king. Never finished (not even close), all I got done was two enemy-devoid dungeons and the town. I don't remember the plot but I'm sure it wouldn't have made any sense anyways.

Those screens are about 80% of what I did. Possibly lost, but I don't care enough to check

Warior's Haven

Over ambitious 2k contest project go! The game was supposed to be some sort of coliseum game but instead of being the fighter you were the team manager. You'd sign up your characters for fights (which you'd control) and using the winnings you'd have to pay your team's salary (which you could change to change their happiness). Fights would have different types like solo or group fights and you'd have to find and recruit fighters to expand your roster. That was about the entire game iirc, no plot, just make money and FIGHT FIGHT FIGHT!

Dark Horizon
Friend's (incomplete) 2k project that I converted to 2k3 and generally improved. Added fancier Mac&Blue graphics, made mapping not atrocious, and added cooler music. Incomplete, still not very good, and the whole game was a bunch of self/friend inserts into the game where we had to rescue the princess and talk to an old man who knew everything (but was wrong about where the princess was every time).
No screens handy but I still got an old download for one version available

Leaves of the Shadow Tree
XP! Started writing out a plot ahead of time (revolutionary!) and coding my own stuff because I didn't like any of the defaults. Never got far but I might go back and rewrite/finish the story some day.
Instead of screens, have a video of most of the stuff I did!
i could've had a field day with this topic but i think i have deleted most of it! lemme investigate
Molebox Hazard! - The Vengeance on RTP Island
Planned stuff: Cute and colorful 2k RTP graphics with lots of edits and selfmade panorama backgrounds. Gun action battle system.

Planned stuff: Sepia style graphics, no sound effects, 2k3 standard battle system, ape men, dinosaurs.

did someone say DINOSAURS
I made a shitton of dead games but here is where I started to get beyond an intro/shittygame (and these are the only ones still on my hard drive).

Hall of the Slain

I had like, 4 different story ideas for this but it ended up going into the direction of some kind of Viking raid simulator kind of thing. Sadly I only got past an intro and a few battles.


Same main character, different story. This time you were a viking that got straonded on THE SHORE OF CORPSES, basically viking vs niddhog. This was ALMOST finished. I made my own gameboy graphics because I was lazy and yet still wanted to be edgy. This project ended up going through some problems and ugly bugs to the point where I just didn't want to deal with it anymore. I also felt this could have been a LoZ action game instead of a typical RPG. Anyway it had some cool atmosphere and a sad story. Maybe I will remake this in the future.

Tidal Force

You can shoot torpedoes at sharks!!

Pandora's Ballad

Simple RTP game where you played as a bard who had a disastrous song stuck in his head that caused chaos whenever he sung it. The story and characters have good potential and I actually made some decent puzzles, but I generally lost interest due to the overall story being longer than it should.
whatever this is it looks pretty rad! (or in the case of the second, 'exactly like congo')
Whatever ''rad'' means: Originally the game's plot was set half in London and half in South America. Then I found it too cheap and ripped off that I changed it to play in a fictional world with more fantasy elements but I kept the prehistorical aspects in the game. The last 3 screens are from the earliest version which I just found in my 2k projects folder. The upper three are from the latest version in 2k3.

I never understood why some kids use that fat sword. X-D Nobody would create such a weapon.
Darken, your projects sounded pretty cool to me, nåstrond in particular (seeing as I'm a viking myself)
I am tired of Earth. These people. I am tired of being caught in the tangle of their lives.
Tidal Force shoot torpedoes at sharks -- did someone say SeaQuest?
that would've helped in tomb raider 2
simple survival horror-esque thing using a top-down GTA 1+2 style perspective, I wrote the thing in qbasic (a terrible but intentional choice, just for shits, giggles and a unique challenge of optimization), I eventually dropped it when Windows 2k killed DOS because it emulated very shittily as you can see from the amazing framerates I get from DOSBox

also this was done before I knew anything about pixel art so you may want to shield your eyes :D

yes those are Cats posters all over the place, no I don't completely recall why

320x200x8 4 lyfe
pretty rad. nice pillow shading hehehehehehhee
nice pillow shading

you have no idea how painful it is to look at those screens now
Is this a "look how cool I am, even my abandoned projects look great" or a "look how dumb I am, I put a lot of effort into a potentially great game and then I abandon it" topic?
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