For un-informed readers, this comic collaboration works in a specific way:
Each contributer is randomly assigned a page number. Then, the comic starts, with page 1 and so forth... however, each person only sees the comic page before theirs. For example, the person assigned page 8 ONLY sees page 7, and none of pages 1-6. So random tangents, ahoy! It provides some interesting results... Anyways...


Warning: Image Heavy

Title Page
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Page 2
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Page 6
Page 7
Page 8
Page 9
Page 10
Page 11
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Download Entire Comic as .rar


Current page: tardis Finished!
Current list:
1. Neok
2. SorceressKyrsty
3. Rei-
4. statistic
5. boobledeeboo
6. Dudesoft
7. Erilex
8. AABattery
9. YDS
10. AznChipmunk
11. Anaryu
12. ChaosProductions
13. Darken
14. Sam
15. Ocean's Dream
16. meh_ch
17. Skie
18. thedjt
19. arcan
20. Ratty524
21. Pokemaniac
22. Sir_Subtle
23. tardis
24. K-hos
25. GreatRedSpirit
0. tardis (title page)

Black magechill (SHAME)
Karsuman (SHAME)
Fractal Advocate (SHAME)
Hunt147 (SHAME)
Zilla_Senetai (SHAME)
Now, some guidelines that are important. Please read:
1. Page dimensions must be 8.5 inches by 11 inches, or 612 by 792 pixels. Please make it .png.
2. Your page must make some sense with the context of the previous page, but you don't have too include all info. Sample: page A has a monk charging up some energy explosion with his hands, page B has a silhouette of a man against an explosion, page C has a completely different looking man standing, looking off into the distance at a city just hit by an explosion (like Akira.) As details from page A, such as the man being a monk (since he's only a silhouette in B) are not clear in B, they will vanish by C. yadda yadda yadda, I bet you guys already know this, but just clarifying because I don't want any messups. :)
Read the comicompo that I linked--you'll get it.
3. Neok will start--he can basically do whatever the hell he wants, something that starts off an adventure or story, or anything really.
4. Once you are done, upload your image. DO NOT POST IT HERE. DO NOT UPLOAD IT TO YOUR RMN LOCKER. Instead, please upload it to somewhere like imageshack so people do not go around poking your locker and find your comic page, because that would ruin the surprise. Then, please send a PM to the next person on the list with your image, and PLEASE make a post in this topic notifying us that you have finished your page (so people will have a warning that it will be their time soon.) DO NOT post the image.
5. Oh, and of course, I have decided. The maximum time you have for each page is 4 days. If you need more, please send me a private message and I will bump you to a point later on the list, so you will have a later chance to do a page, but PLEASE, I would much prefer it if you told me before you receive the PM for the previous comic page.
6. Once we are done, I will collect up all the pages, organize them, have a title page drawn, and put it up for viewing as well as download.
7. And please, if you haven't joined yet, I can make space for you easily! So please continue signing up!
8. Lastly, if this goes well and is well received, we can do more of them!

==== Information:
Recently, TIG featured a webcomic collaboration called comicompo. tardis and I read it and thought, RMN has such talented artists, why don't we try it out there? Basically what it is, is a bunch of people (you guys!) sign up, and everyone is randomly assigned a page number. Then, each person creates their page in order... HOWEVER, people ONLY see the page before their own. So basically, randomness and hilarity!
You can check out their comicompo here:

The only real rule is it has to reference something from the previous page so it is not TOO random, in a way that each page makes sense from the last. (read the comic in the link above if you don't get it, everything will make sense.)

There are a lot of you guys I kind of expect to sign up and I really hope you do. :) It should be fun. We'll create a set period of time for each page to be created in, but no pressure, this isn't a contest with a deadline.

Remember guys though, you don't need to be super intense about your art to join. It would also be awesome for the pages to feature a wide variety of styles and mediums, so basically go crazy, and deliver some laughs! There won't be any sort of "judging" system to determine whether your page is good enough to go in the collaboration (I won't even see them until the end), so seriously, sign up and do anything!

I will probably pick specific people to make the first and last pages but everyone else will definitely be randomized. I will assign everyone and we can start once we get a decent number of people, BUT! signups will pretty much be open until the last page. And remember guys, more people means more pages, means a more entertaining comic.

Sign-up list:
1. AznChipmunk
2. tardis
3. YDS
4. Dudesoft
5. ChaosProductions
6. Darken
7. Lennon
8. Ratty524
9. statistic
10. Rei-
11. Karsuman (SHAME)
12. arcan
13. thedjt
14. Neok
15. Ark (SHAME)
16. SorceressKyrsty
17. GreatRedSpirit
18. Anaryu
19. Skie**
20. K-hos**
21. Hunt147 (SHAME)
22. Ocean's Dream
23. boobledeeboo
24. Erilex
25. AABattery
26. Sir_Subtle
27. Sam
28. Fractal Advocate (SHAME)
29. meh_ch
30. Black magechill (SHAME)
31. Pokemaniac
32. Zilla_Senetai (SHAME)

** = late list (means when I draw names, I will draw them afterwards so it will ensure you get a later page instead of one of the earlier pages. So you busy people can request to be on it!)

Leave a reply if you want to sign up confirming that you do!

And on the subject of hosting... I may be able to host it, but that is unlikely. WIP may create a comic page that we can present, but otherwise, it will most likely be a forum post and a download.
always a dudesoft, never a soft dude.
sure sign me up.
can't make a bad game if you don't finish any games
Sure, why not.

(that means yes)
sure sign me up.

randomized page numbers bro
The 524 is for 524 Stone Crabs
Hmm... Sign me up.
Devil's in the details
I'll participate!
I'm signing Karsuman up, because deep down he wants to.
Having a signature is too mainstream. I'm not part of your system!
Argh, this is too good to pass up. Sign me up!
I need a bit more practice on the pad but I'll sign up.

I'd like some pooooound cake.
Wario's-a number one!
I want to do a page!
if squallbutts was a misao category i'd win every damn year
I think I might give this a shot ^^
4 more people and I will draw names out of a hat.
Haven't drawn in over three years? Why not give it a shot with RANDOM TIME

(I'm in)

(oh god I just realized I've never put anything onto a computer before)
I'm also volunteering Ness to do this. Just cause :D