And it's pretty cool so far (just beat Falkner), it's got the most content a PKMN game has had so far. Just head on over to's HG&SS section to see for yourself just how crap this game has shoved into it.

One of the best features this has that wasn't in Diamond and Pearl is the fact almost everything can be controlled with the touchscreen, making a lot of things take less time (especially withdrawing and depositing poke'mon)

Also, surprisingly, I really like the "Poke'walker" that comes with the game. I'm sure that screams out "uber nerd" but whatev. It lets you "walk around" with a poke'mon. You build up what I suspect are called "watts" the more you walk, and those watts let you search for items using the "dowsing machine" and catch poke'mon with the poke'radar (it costs 3 watts to search for an item, and 10 to fight/catch a poke'mon)
Anyway, I love this little device.

You guys have any thoughts...any of you get the game?
(just beat Falkner)

misread this for a second

the old pokemon games are the best (blue, motherfuckers)
i sure do agree aznchipmunk (lol double post)
I bet they're just going to remake ruby/saph next.
can't make a bad game if you don't finish any games
There's not much point since you can already get your dudes from R/S/E to the fourth gens.
Actually they've already started a Generation 5. I imagine RSE remakes are after that though.

Man, I cannot wait to get my copy of Heartgold... All these people talking about the games makes me jealous. :[
My cousin and I are gonna do a play off when we get ours. Start at the same time and gogogo! I'm on silver, he's on gold - but he wants me to trade him all my awesome pokymens (Lugia/Eevee) - pfft! 'Sif!
I loved the original gold so it'll be a blast playing it again. I tried to get it on R4 but it's still pretty buggy.
I tried to get it on R4 but it's still pretty buggy.

you'd always regret missing out on the pokewalker
I'm breeding babbies from my current winning set for this game.And going through challenges at the battle frontier (I got Platinum) for this one.I have to either this or the immenent Crystal version remake.
Didn't enjoy Diamond much but really looking forward to this, out here in about 10 days (can't be arsed to import if the wait is less than about 2 weeks). Thought the pokewalker looked a bit crap but it seems to have gone down well, I'll give it a go!

Also I know a few people who take pokemon very really seriously, EV-training and shiny chaining and poke... super... breeding... and... stuff. Needless to say, I won't be telling them I have the game.
Oh god, Pokémon always turns me into a grinding monster.
I tried to get it on R4 but it's still pretty buggy.
you'd always regret missing out on the pokewalker
I wouldn't mind not having that thing, tbh. I'm in the same boat as thedjt though, as I also have an r4, which worked great back in the day, but appears to be crap now, when it comes to new games like these.

I may end up buying it, actually. we'll see how that goes.
edit: the days of seventh grade standing outside at -15 C in the winter with my GBC fighting with the same group of 6 buddies every lunch time for months are fond. silver/gold were definitely the best generation for me. I had the gba ones that came out after, but the wave of popularness that came with gold/silver had long since died, and it was basically me and my little brother who were still playing it at that point.
I will try to re-implement my dream team from the original silver version. it will be good.
Okay, uh...what's R4.

With that question out of the way, I thought I'd give you guys a update on my progress... =D

I just beat whitney (the third gym leader; fuck, Bugsy's crezy-ass Scyther with that damn Swap-Out move keep kicking my ass. >.>)

Just tried out the Poke'athlon, which is a really awesome addition. It's a bunch of minigames to play (basically, I'm thinking it's a replacement (and a better one at that) for the contests that started in RSE). Basically, just like each respective version's predecessor, this HGSS looks like the best in the series thus far, plus it's got alot more content than DPP did (not to mention you can catch, like, almost EVERY legendary from each generation in HGSS).

It's awesome.

And so is the poke'waker. I'm actually finding reasons to go walk somewhere. XD
is it too late for ironhide facepalm
Just acquired the game yesterday. It's INCREDIBLE thus far. I'm taking my damn time though- I haven't even gone near the first gym yet. I'm, as usual, grinding like fuck. Also, the Pokewalker has completely restored my faith in Nintendo peripherals. That thing is well designed and well executed. I'm still trying to catch a Kangaskhan though...

I wanted to try the Pokewalker out last night, but it was the middle of the night, and I was NOT about to go walk somewhere. So I put it on my waterbed, and discovered how to dupe it- the waves from disturbing my water bed trick it every single time. Now I can use the thing night OR day. :D
That said, I will probably start taking it to the gym.
why would i heal when i could equip a morningstar


Also, you should totally build up watts by having sex.
Okay, uh...what's R4.

Its a DS Card that lets you download DS Games which means i can import US and JAP games.

I'll probably buy it. I've never been interested in the peripheral as I've never noticed exactly what It can add to it other than some kind of magic exersice moon money.
Okay, uh...what's R4.

The mainline fankit for the ds (That is called a "Flash" kit). It is a jack knife for downloading games off of the net and playing them on the nds or gba, depending on version. NOTE: If questions are being asked, tell them that it is for them to play movies and stuff. Other "Flash kits" are also known as M3, Cyclods, and Arclared 4. Remember the offical US stance is that it is illegal to trade them, but it is legal to own them. Just finished reading up on the battle in between nintendo and the mysterious chinese companies. (Opps, make those "Hong Kong" companies.)
Yo, Tardis. We should battle our poke'mans together.

I should've grinded like you did, but grinding in Poke'mon is something I rarely do as it takes too long to do when you fight nothing but random pmkn in the grass. Kinda wish the VS would've stayed, I found that much easier and quicker to re-fight trainers.

EDIT: I just squirted on Sudowoodo. Wait...

In all seriousness, I considering actually using the dude in my main party.

EDIT2: HOLY SHIT I just got the dowsing machine (the new itemfinder). It appears to but much, MUCH better than the old itemfinder.

EDIT3: I just ran into Entei for the first time. Not 10 minutes after beating Morty. lol.