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Oh you people are impossible. Alright, you want some crazy theories? I've got some crazy theories. If you haven't played this game or don't want to know my evil theories, stop reading.

The agency Captain was a construct or artificial being of some sort. This explains why he has no aura. It also explains why he was so intrigued by Emily, because no one has ever shown him any sort of compassion or empathy before.

The Advocate would infect the Catch Colony, causing a global disaster and forcing Talan to shoot the dog as seen in the game's intro.

Pretty much everyone Talan met over the course of the game was about to die in horrible fashion.

As for the package, I always figured it held something abstract rather than physical.

Those are good theories. Here's what I think:

I agree with your idea about Kersh(Agency Captain) I think he's not human, possibly a robot or something, since he has no aura. It also explains why he hasn't aged in 20 years. I just don't understand why he destroyed the Kingdom of Surl. He even went to their base and launched missles at Lashe (or was it Prima?) city just to have a reason to attack back.

So you think Talan was unfastening the link to the Catch Colony for a good reason? I thought it was the opposite. I think he got so angry and just went crazy and did that. I mean, Kersh, Core, and Manta were trying to stop him. If it was a good reason to unfasten the link, why would they prevent him from doing it?

As for the package, I have no idea at all. Kersh REALLY wants it, but I don't understand why... It must be something bad because Pierson (the leader of Paradise) does anything he possibly can to prevent the agency from getting a hold of it.

Then, there's the Director. I don't know what to think of him. He helps Talan by telling him to seek paradise, yet he seems to be on Kersh's side. Talan and Kersh are obviously on different sides, so...what the heck? And why did he fake his death?

I'm also wondering why Talan killed Emily. (Kersh hinted at it in the opening.)

There are a couple other pretty big mysteries that I have written down in wordpad, too. Actually, several. I just didn't want there to be a wall of text, but I can still post them if someone wants me to.
Okay, I'll give my theory from back in the day too. It's been ages since I've played it so I may get a detail wrong!

My idea is that whatever is in the package is some sort of fountain of youth. Maybe some sort of technology or something that allowed a fountain of youth effect. In the very beginning you saw the director dead which could have been faked, but I always felt that he allowed himself to die/be shot since he had a fountain of youth at hand to revive himself.

I think Talan kills Emily because she marries Kersh? But in the teaser trailer, the last shot with the building flashing red--I always thought that was Talan unfastening the link and Emily screaming "Talan, no!" I felt like after the end of the game we did play, Talan's quest would have been mostly a quest for revenge. As for why the Director seemed to have two sides? Maybe he was tired of a corrupt system he was at the head of and wanted to bring it down.
Once again, I can't remember it all since it's been a long time. I just rewatched the teaser trailer and I really want Line's End now though. - - I might replay ABL and rethink some theories.
Lines End is actually
a giant exposition bomb
I remember I loved this game when I played years ago. I never really had any theories of why anything happened because I was always the kind of gamer to patiently wait for it at the very end of the game (and if a game never did answer what I wanted it to I was like, "wait...what the hell? But what about this/that)...'cept that obviously won't ever happen with ABL.
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Don't ban me for necroposting, as I don't want to start a whole new topic.

I want to see this story/game completed so much that I'd be willing to suspend all my other projects and hobbies to help make it happen. So many people are into the game/story that it would be worth it.

Edit: maybe it will be completed after all, hehe.
I vaguely remember Lys asking for feedback on a plot detail, since he was one of the testers for Forgotten Majesty...but even then, he downright refused to tell me what was up with Talan and Emily.

I should dig in my old inbox and see if I still have any of those old emails or at the very least, his old addy.
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Well, we have a pretty good idea what happens with Emily. The intro pretty much says it all.
I do clearly remember him saying that "Things aren't always what they seemed...bwahaha" in reference to that...still, he refused to go into detail, lol. That guy could not be broken. I even spoiled him on my own game and he STILL wouldn't budge.
I'm a brick wall of silence! But just like in the good old days, I still love reading everyone's theories.

It's good to see you're still around, Kind! I wasn't, until recently! ^_^

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Do you people not know what game profiles are for? Post all your stuff THERE. THEY WORK THE EXACT SAME AS THIS TOPIC.
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