why would i heal when i could equip a morningstar
I came up with In Praise of Peace because my favorite Suikoden II track is "A Song in Praise of Peace" (link), and it fits the game - the hero is trying to end a war with zealous fury, and the rest of the cast is trying to come to terms with their lives and histories (finding peace within themselves). (I just realized that, oddly enough, the hero is the only character who has self-actualized. =S )

My two-week sideproject, Edifice, is so named because 1) it's one of my favorite words and 2) it takes place a giant building. Also, it's short, which I like.

Diablocide X is about killing ten (okay, nine + one) Demons. That was a toughie.
"Legend Of The Crystal Retarded Sandwich Making Sword"I DEMAND THAT THIS GAME BE MADE!!!11one!!1!111one!!

I actually would make a game like this and make Bow Wow the lead character's faceset.
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crystal meth sandwich
Max McGee
with sorrow down past the fence
i have an occasionally updated textfile on my computer with a bunch of names i think are neat. my plan is to start picking them at random and making games around them but i've only done that with one so far (veggie tales 3d) because i'm lazy.

here is the current list:

Space Funeral
Drug Punk
Infinity Ghost
Do The Wrong Thing
Doom Skull
Mystery World
Eurotrash Dracula
Cannibal Yacht
Time Zorg
Time Ghoul
Old Man
New Adventures Of Leo Africanus
The Astonishing Captain Skull
Life Of The Egyptians
Slime Wolf
Cyborg, il guerriero d'acciaio
She Zone
Skull Worm
Dwarf Grotto

EDIT: actually i might look for some kind of basic randomiser program so it can spit out random variations on a fixed set of words (skull, infinity, ghost, doom, zone, horse, cavern). if i can find a program that builds complete games based on randomised elements then basically my work is done but so far no luck! where are the snowboard kids 64 of yesteryear

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I'd rather go for quick snappy names rather than Legend Of The Crystal Retarded Sandwich Making Sword.

This is actually the best game title.

edit: oh wait there are already like 4 posts addressing this
Short, catchy names tend to do the trick. I normally do this, and actually with most projects of mine I start off with a simple development name and make something out of it; but what I'm *secretly* working on at the moment was named at the very same second I conjured up the first ideas of it. I believe it was sometime when I was outside, losing brain cells because of the sun. Yeah, that explains the degree of imagination expressed in my game ideas. I can't say that all of my titles necessarily follow the "short, catchy" idea, but at least what I have right now makes sense with the story and I've just come to like it over the years.
I'd rather go for quick snappy names rather than Legend Of The Crystal Retarded Sandwich Making Sword.
This is actually the best game title.

edit: oh wait there are already like 4 posts addressing this

Next Community game i think we have a title. ;B
I like something that you can type on google and not find anything else.

mogpopdondidgowrong? Sounds great.

I hope no one here has ever heard of Last Legend. But that was the name of an RPG I started working on back in my early game development days. It was just a twist on Final Fantasy to me. And it was very generic name. But I eventually made the story end up trying to be the very last fairy tale because of this planet explodes. Anyways. I'm currently working on Red Fox because it's about a Japanese red fox samurai. It's called Red Fox so it can be pretty easy to remember.
Was that the game Erave was working on?
yeah i need to think of a title for my harvest moon game

anyone got any idea?
I stick place holder names in so I can tell the folders apart at a glance instead of Projects 1-50. When I give something a concrete name before it is around 95% complete, it always seemed to curse my projects, whether they were game stories, short fiction, novels, songs, etc.

Some of my less than stellar naming conventions thus far -

Archangel - Fairly straight forward, the main character was one of these.

Serial Killer 2.0 - There was no SK1.0, it was meant to convey that it was a futuristic story... about a serial killer.

The Wolf's Barrow Affair:A Jack Crowley Mystery - A frantic letter from an old acquaintance draws a Sherlock Holmes expy with psychometric ability into an investigation into what seem to be a series of Werewolf attacks in the eponymous rural European hamlet.

Fatal Fantasy - The Taste of Betrayal - Proof that most of the stuff you jotted down in a notebook when you were fifteen and bored to death should not ever see the light of day.

Return of the Sith - A Star Wars themed game (Ripley's, you're never going to believe this!) about the Sith.. uh, returning... and stuff.

Cyber Noir - The most generic possible title for a heavily Neal Stephenson/Dashiell Hammett influenced cyberpunk romp through a dystopian future.

Haly'ha Alil - A story about a kid found in the desert and trained by a clan of assassins to protect something called the Heart of the Desert. If I remember correctly, the title should mean Children of God.

Way of the Gun - I didn't really know what direction the story would take, so I just lifted the name from an incomplete novel/comic book of mine.
yeah i need to think of a title for my harvest moon game

anyone got any idea?

Harvest Moon : Capitalist Pig.
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Moon Harvest? What is the game about?
"The Arms of Reverie" hints at two main points, but can really mean whatever you want it to.

The first is the idea that you can be 'in the arms' or reverie, or caught in a daydream. That while it can be wonderful and embracing, you really don't have much control over whats happening.

The second being that the 'arms' of reverie, are basically the weapons of thought. That daydreams can be brought to life if you act on them. You can get the courage to do something you've dreamed about if you give yourself the weapons to do it.

For me, finally bringing this story to life fulfills the second meaning. I worked on this story in my mind for quite some time before bringing it to paper, then to rmk. As I work on it, this daydream is now taking on physical form and can stand on its on.

The characters in the game also deal with a bunch of situations and find themselves both caught 'in the arms of reverie' and giving 'arms' to their dreams.
My main game is called Fragments. Yes it is a simple title but it leaves the potential player curious about the meaning and for the game it has many.... Fragments are the main characters race. They collect fragments of the memories of their past selves. The game is actually a story about the fragmentation of souls since in the belief system on the game, a soul is fragmented into good and evil parts which become angels or demons after death and those who are fragmented in a special way become the left over souls called Fragments (These would be the Ghosts.) The game has fragments of different interpretations of the afterlife within it. Our game basically serves as a bridge between some of the current beliefs about what happens after death.

Another game that I participate in is called Esher's Quest. Well that is simple enough. Ahaha. A man named Esher goes on an epic quest. (:

Yet another game is titled Valiance, but I do not know enough about the game to make a connection to the title yet. I only do very light concept art for the game.

Bleach: Looking For was named after a song in the Bleach series as well as a manga and anime. It is a fangame that I support write for.
(Socrates would certainly not contadict me!)
If I made that game, I would call it : The Archeologist, the Student and the Adventurer, because that's what the game would be about.
Hmm... Well, it seems I might be the only one, but I normally just decide my title like many old japanese anime that comes to mind (Super Demensional Fortress Macross, or Magical Knight Rayerth). It has to sound good in my mind, and come easy to make jokes of how bad it is, for example a short list of game names I have come up with:

Blood Knight Jive
Final Oxymoron
The Ultra-Streamlined Morally Ambigous RPG! (XD I may never release this to the public)

See? Quick, functional names, that I find interesting/amusing.
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Talk about a necro. I'll let it slide since we have fresh material to discuss.
I'd really like to get rid of LockeZ. His play style is way too unpredictable. He's always like this too. If he ran a country, he'd just kill and imprison people at random until crime stopped.
Funny how necroposting in almost any other forum annoys me, but reviving old topics in GD&T usually makes me happy. Probably because the topics here are designed to be generalized and timeless so that they're useful to anyone, now or a year from now. Starting a new topic about the same thing seems silly - any new discussion about game design could only be enhanced by all the previous discussion that's taken place.

Of course, that's speaking generally about GD&T as a whole. This particular topic was kind of lacking in the first place, and the person responsible for the necro had no interest in the previous posts and added nothing worthwhile.
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I make parody games, so my names are usually jokes on other titles. Take Down is my random two word title, a la Final Fantasy, Metal Gear, etc. The extensively long names are purposefully stupid. Take Down Legacy - Episode II Muspellheimr is a love letter to the Xenosaga series.
Take Down: Lambs of Destiny is more parody on dumb indie Final Fantasy fangames.
Quest of Dude is a reworded mockery of my old series Dude's Adventure, which itself was a mockery of itself.

RMN Chain-Game was named for what it is.

Naming doesn't matter. We judge books by the content, not the lengthy and admittedly stupid titles, like Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets...