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Sorry if this seems like a newbish question, or if it has been answered in another post, but I would like to know something before I commit to a game profile. This being my first time on a game development site with game profiles (and blogs no less), I would like to document my process from start to finish. This means I don't have squat except for a few ideas.

My question is this: Once the game profile is up, will I still be able to edit things like the title and the description?

I just want to avoid creating a profile for "Untitled," or "Project [insert cool buzzword here]," or what have you, if the name is going to stick. I assure you it won't be untitled for long. Or if my idea doesn't mesh with the site's intentions, tell me to come back when I know what I'm doing!
Thanks in advance.
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Yes, you can edit anything about the game at any time, but before a game profile will be accepted you need to meet a certain number of requirements. Calling it "Untitled" isn't going to work, you'd need a working title, at least. You'd also need a description of the project, and at least three screenshots from to project.

Check this thread for more information:
I was afraid that might be the case. But the edit part is good news. Maybe there's some other way to do this.

Thanks for the reply.

EDIT: What would be the best way to show documentation of my process until it qualifies for a game page? I wouldn't necessarily be spamming the game itself, in fact, the game will only be a small part of the project as a whole. I want to avoid being disruptive, at least for my first week! I really do think others could benefit from this.

Thanks again.
If you make a gamepage, then you have access to a devblog that you can use to constantly update people on your game-making process.

(I think this is what you're asking.)
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As long as your idea is well developed and well presented in the gameprofile, and you have 3 screenshots of something game-related, it will usually be accepted, and then, like F-G says, you can keep a running blog.
I see, so I'll just have start the process first, then publish later. Thanks guys.
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