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What would you like for your logo.
... -Kay.. When do you need it-
But it's Monday today, y-you want it tomorrow.
Well I'll have to get working on it now.

Yes Logo Design! I love logo design and you should too! All of you, even the ones of you who are hiding.
Today I'll be using a program I never use. As in ever use, I really should as it's a pretty neat and easy programme and it's probably used by some of you. This program is called Xara3D. Xara as I will call it is a simple program used for making dynamic 3D text! I wanted to do this as I wanted to make a logo beyond the simple fancy 2D words logo like Cavemen use to make in the 1950s. This is serious 3D technology. Some of you might just die.

So where do I begin, well I need a name. We've discussed this before in another topic and despite the tremendous success of Legend Of The Crystal Retarded Sandwich Making Sword for whatever reason that title is too long and Copyrighted by Square Enix respectively. No I'll be using the name 'Dungeon Frontier'. Two words that mean so much. Dungeon, just the name gives Craze prepubescent orgasms and Frontier... I... Well I just stole that off Monster Hunter because it was a good word. So that's our title. So I'm going to do the generic thing and just make some 3D text over a shield. So I first found a nice image of a shield.

Well... this isn't a shield it's a badge.. of-... of a shield. So it's a badge. But it's been taken in high resolution so it's got some good texture on it which we can use. It's also a nice shape having the Shield, a Sword and Bolts which I can only assume means there'll be mages in this game. This is a nice background as everything is symmetrical already and there doesn't seem to be any colours I need to get rid of so this is a nice start. Now I need to make the actual text!

As I mentioned before I'll be using Xara which produces brightly coloured mispelt text. The awesome thing about this program is it's ability to import into Photoshop. That being said, there is a lot of nice visual features I can add which will spruce up this logo. First I'll focus on the word Dungeon.

So I chose this font It's called Hombre, sounds Mexican, and sleepy. This is what I want, bold text with a slight gothic/medieval character to it. This text base will be the big part of the logo. Now I won't keep it green I'm just doing it so I can see the lighting clearly. Once I spruce it up in Xara it'll look something like this.

Black and Gold! Yes! It looks nicer now. This will go over the top of the shield.

Now I'm going to time warp to the future basically making the word 'Frontier' using the same style and technique.

Here they are playing leap frog. NOTE the texture I added to the text, it helped them blend with the shield image which was then added...

Reshaped and added together, it actually took me a while to shorten the words to fit together. So here's the basic premises of the logo. Now let's add an effect, lets rip-off Dragon Age!

Blood on the Shield!? Your originality knows no bounds! So this is pretty much the final design. The reason for it's size it obviously due the fact I'll be minimizing it for.. the title screen.

No! Not the title screen! QUICK search Dragon on Google and MS Paint some Impact on that shit!
But yes let's use good to search for a nice suitable background for our logo. I searched RPG Interface to get an idea of what I want a stumbled on a website template depicting a nice stone wall. But one problem... It was a loading screen.

It has a bloody percentage on it man! get rid of it! Very easy, into Photoshop and use Patch Tool with a bare space of brick. So I want to make this title screen presentable. I'm going to make a few layers over the top and paint in a few greens and reds to create some wear and tear effect on the aging wall.

So here's the background. It looks like father time has his way with this wall what a dirty man.
All is left is the logo adjacent above the space for the menu to go.

Oh, I also edited the logo some more, using the layers over the bricks I made the logo look grungey unintentionally. Yet Unintentionally it looked better so I kept it that way, Like the glow as well? Looks magical. That was the effect I was going for, blue glow a classic effect to add some light to a pretty dank wall. That was fun, you learnt nothing.

That is all for this Showcase, tune in next time where I'll attempt to make ingame Interfaces. Sounds like fun! It'll probably be a fucking chore!

Until then have fun making title screens and logos, I'll be open for requests if you need anything. Thanks for reading! I'm going to bed.

why would i heal when i could equip a morningstar
Actually, dungeons upset me since I am terrible at making them.

Nice logo, though!
... :O
You impress me again... :P
@thedjt Wow, just wow! If you ever want to create logos for other games - just let me know - it would be a absolute honor!
That's pretty cool, but I'd like to point out that most 3D programs are compatible with Photoshop. :P
The logo is fine, but the background really doesn't do it any favors. It kind of just sits there, nothing really pops out at me. Maybe you can try scaling the logo so that it doesn't take up such a disproportionally small area of the screen?
The reason it was quite small was because I made it intending to include custom Menu graphics overlaying it but I never included them in the end.
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