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Interesting how they put the New Topic button way down there.
Hi, I'm GoodAndy. Some people know me as GoodAndy. I'm a website designer, or sort of. I haven't messed with a RPG Maker in a few years. Never really completed making a game. I'm just really here to get involved into a community of some sort.

23 years old. 5'10" tall. I weigh roughly 180 lbs. I'm working for myself right now. So if anyone wants a website, just tell me. I'm good. I like classic RPGs, but not too old. The only real RPG Maker game I played a lot was Final Fallacy, I think that was the name. I have a fiance named Mayci. She's a gamer to an extent. I own a PlayStation 3, and I play PC games. I usually spell out full words instead of the "hw r u? kk ttyl". I just don't like it. Although I admit I type ROFL and LOL a lot.

Here lately I've been very bored. So I'll probably get on here often. I can't promise, but I expect to get on here. I have to do something with my time. Unless it's the weekend. I'm pretty busy on the weekends. And guess what? This is the first time I've ever read forum rules. Good thing they were short.

Um...I'm not trying to advertise necessarily but I'd really like to help people with website and graphic stuffs. So if you guys need anything just or PM me. Here is some stuff that I made so you can see the level I'm at.
WIP has some interesting design choices, but the site works really well for hosting games. And it is better than some other RPGMaker websites...

Anyway, welcome! Play some games, write some reviews, show us what you're making. Blah blah.
Hi GoodAndy. Your websites look quite nice - far nicer than anything I try to make.

Welcome to RMN! Post lots!
Man I need to make a Portfolio Website sometime.

Welcome also! Good to see more Graphic Designers.
Wow. Feels super nice to have positive welcomes. And thanks for the compliments on my designs. I try. Here lately I haven't been finding many paying clients so I'm just going to do stuff when I'm bored.

I'll probably hit up the WIP and see who needs websites. You know, to make their game look all fancy and professional.
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