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I'm trying to use an unregistered version of FRAPS to record a few videos of old RM2K games and I'm running into a few issues, mainly with the framerate. With more modern games (not RM, legitimate games) framerate is fine, hovering right around 60 fps. However, with the same settings, the RM recordings drop to an awful 6 fps. This is on full-screen mode; I can't get FRAPS to recognize rpg_rt as something to record unless it's full screen. (OS is Vista if that means anything)

Basically, I'd love to know if anyone had any solution to this, or would be willing to share how they recorded videos of RM2K/3 games.
You could try CamStudio. It's free and it worked pretty well when I tried it out. Didn't use it with RPG Maker though so your mileage may vary.
Yeah, I tried that first. I get a much better framerate with camstudio, but unfortunately I'm not able to record the audio correctly. My laptop's soundcard doesn't have a stero mix or whatever. Now that I think of it, though, if FRAPS could do it I could probably rig up some way to record the audio.
Are you trying to record the audio with Camstudio as well? If so I'd probably recommend recording the audio separately with something like Audacity and then syncing and merging it with the video in Movie Maker or whatever video editing software you have.
I found a way to get the audio to work with CamStudio, actually. I had previously tried to capture audio by setting the default microphone to "Rec. Playback" and thought I wasn't getting any audio, but it was just at a horribly low volume. I ripped the audio out from the AVI, cranked it up, and yes, it was actually there.

If this gets to be a pain I'll probably take your advice and record the audio separately anyway.
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