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Archangel Project Information
Archangel was started on January 29th, 2008. I know- it was two days ago. The project has few maps because the database had too much default stuff and I had to rip the BattleCharSets from the RM2k3 RTP and draw it myself. Anyways, it's a game I'm sure you will be interested in when released.

Archangel begins inside a world that was once divided into two parts. Now, it was infused and corrupted with evil magic. Years ago, it was not like this. About ten years ago, the realm barrier shattered because it could not take much force from the evil magic. The barrier acted like a shield to keep the evil magic out, but now, it has come in. The dark king Arakani hopes to soon take control of the humans and make them bow down to him as subjects. The race of the Archangels, mysterious people to the gods, magical powers and ways of life, were almost whiped out. You, are the final Archangel left in the world and must venture through dangerous terrain to find and destroy the Arakani, and release the realm from it's terror. Hopefully, there will not be major obstacles in your way...

Archangel Features
- Unique BattleChar.
Battle Char are ripped from the RTP and edited to fit. Basically, they are customized.

- Skill improving and Magic improving system.
When pressing the SHIFT key, you are able to improve magical and combat abilitys by adding Stimulizers to a single technique or spell to put it in your skills command. Then, in battle, after the ATB fills up, select your skill to use it. Techniques are listed under Techniques, and Spells are listed under Magic. All of the other battle commands remain, but some are re-named.

- Customized Message System.
Instead of using the basic shitty message box, the game has adapted the feature from STARLESS UMBRA. You will see more of the message system when playing.

- Novel-Like dialogue.
Archangel is played like a novel, except the chapters are extremely long and there are about three to five hours of gameplay in each chapter. Chapters have dialogue like they came out of a book, because I am having a case of writer's block.

- Specialized Cutscenes.
Cutscenes are done on their own maps, it's just part of my game design. Using one of the drawing tools I am able to keep the map like it is, only it's inside a map within the map tree. Not to save switches, though.

- Archangel skills themselves!
Something I forgot to mention. Every 10 levels, your character gets an ARCHANGEL SKILL. These skills are extremely useful! But, to use these skills, keep an eye on your MP as these skills use much of it. It is RECOMMENDED that the player buys at least 10 Norus to recover MP.

And much more to come! I encourage feedback, so don't be afraid to give suggestions, ask questions, or leave comments.

When Archangel will be expected.

Version 1.1 release date: Febuary 24th 2008 - March 16th 2008.
- The FIRST version of Archangel

Version 1.2 Patch release date: March 20th, 2008
- Make your Archangel Version 1.2 . New features include a battle arena for PvP (must register at website after version 1.1 is released, and must email a save-file each week so that the patch can be updated weekly), more minigames, and a couple more items, around 15-20.
This looks quite good but i would like to see some screenshots of this game before i consider playing.

I very rarly play a game until I've seen some screenshots, or some other work from the same artist. The other occasion where I will play a game with no screenshots, is when I see a game with some huge "in our face" amazing type featjure or story, and I find myself following the game through development.

Anyways, bottom line, you need some screens.
I'm not comfortable with any idea that can't be expressed in the form of men's jewelry
You shouldn't really post topics for brand new projects. Wait until you get some progress.
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