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Well... class-changing/job systems are always nice. I don't know hack/infection, and to be honest, I wasn't a big fan of Valthirian Arc.

But really... I still don't think doesn't elements tell enough about a game to have it as a good or bad idea.
I understand. I think this kind of "story-free" game is extremely risky, though. You need a really cool, addictive system like FFTA's to pull it off. And even then, you need at least some minor degree of purpose and direction to the player.
I haven't played FFTA although I have played FFT. Assuming FFTA has a class system that's even close to as flexible that of FFT, I do think both it and the free roaming nature of .hack//Infection may compliment each other.

One effect of the free roaming nature is that the player can pick a stage with as easy or hard opponents as he wants. With a flexible class system, there will be a large difference in power between two players even if they are at similar levels. The player with a more powerful class combination can now simple pick a harder stage if he wants to maintain challenge. Picking dungeons with higher level enemies will also level that player up faster, so someone who has already beaten the game once will be able to go trough it much faster the second time which I think is a good thing.

The side effect is that you have no control over how powerful the player will be at a certain point of the game. Most RPGs allows you to build your characters so strong you will just wreck any opposition. They do nevertheless have brakes such as increasing exp requirements and not making all equipment available at once. No such brakes will exist in your game. It's entirely up to the player. The question is, do you consider that a problem?
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I haven't played FFTA although I have played FFT.

Essentially FFT, except most classes can only be accessed by certain races.
Essentially FFT, except most classes can only be accessed by certain races.

Then I assumed right.

You're thinking a little further ahead than I was. lol But you are right, that would be a problem...

Well, I think most players would take on story dungeons when they feel ready. I don't think there's a big risk the majority will overlevel like crazy. However, there is a danger that they decide "let's hit one more non-plot dungeon first to be on the safe side" and end up a little over-leveled and over-equipped anyway.

The .hack series display the level of enemies when you enter a stage so it would be relatively easy for the player to estimate whether or not they are ready to proceed. If you were to give story dungeons better treasures than other dungeons at equal level, the player would feel more encouraged to go trough them while those treasures are still useful. You can go a long way by simple making it more rewarding to hit story dungeons as soon as one is ready instead of waiting until the characters are overpowered. Of course, you still don't have an actual brake, just an encouragement. Make out of that as you will.
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Alright, here's the little thing I imagined up just brain stormin'. So, I envision a game with a job system similar to FFTA, but the roaming freedom of .hack//infection.

Based on these references, I STRONGLY question your tastes.
well i strongly question YOUR taste

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burns doesnt it
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