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Hi! As you can imagine, I love the world of Ivalice! FFT, Vagrant Story, FFXII! That whole team is just amazing. I am pretty open to most any kind of game, some other favorites including Metroidvania-style games, adventure games, and RTS's.

I am a student going to college for computer science (programming), I also have a job at Best Buy (ugh), and I've been playing with RPG Maker for years now, though I'm never able to actually complete anything. I don't have a lot of free time to work with RPG Maker and read forums, but I try to do so during the evenings.

My strength is game design (stats, abilities, battle mechanics), with my weakness of character development, stories, and mapping :x. As you can see, I don't make a very good one-man-army. I can come up with some characters, and make them generally interesting, but I'm not that great at delivering a storyline and dialog for them.

Even though the Ivalice games represent some of my favorites, I'm very much JRPG'd out. I'm pretty tired of the same ol' Final Fantasy style of games, and am always looking for a fresh, new idea. I'll be posting some ideas I have in the design forum later :)

Anyways, hello to everyone and I look forward to playing some games!
Sup, Welcome to the site.

FFT and FFXii are two of my favorite games, so I already like you.
Hello there, how're your Magick studies going, grasshopper? Have a good time on RMN
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I am pretty sure I greeted you a long time ago. I only remember this because your name is ashriot and Ashley Riot was awesome in Vagrant Story.

Oh well, welcome back. Post lots? Or something.
Your mom is a hero
Welcome to RMN! Post lots!

I used to like RTSs before they became needlessly complicated and convoluted (and 3D).
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Welcome to RMN, your official worldwide provider for the Real Men Network!

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