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I'm looking for a cheap usa model PS1 that ships to australia so I can play classics like Chrono Cross and Legend of the Dragoon.I ABSOLUTELY need one that ships to australia.
Thanks for your time
Laharl out!
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How do you check shipping costs for australia?
shipping rates are at the bottom but you're not gonna like them, might be better off on ebay

why do you need an NTSC model though?
Most of the games I want to play are extremely expensive in pal or they were never released here.
it's not like you need a console even, just a PC and the correct software... come into my office and we can discuss this further..
Not sure what you mean their,but I really don't want to play it on PC as I can just use my psp(hacked).
I want to play it on the big screen.
And Thanks for the quick replies.
http://cgi.ebay.com.au/Sony-PSone-Playstaion-Console-7-games-/130408420937?cmd=ViewItem&pt=AU_Consoles&hash=item1e5cf29649 worth a shot?

edit: oh wait disregard this, didn't see the pal logo on the games
edit2: how much does it cost to ship to Australia usually? The local game store here in canada has a shitton of ps1s (i think most of them are psONEs).
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I want to play it on the big screen.

Connect your PC to a TV. Get a joypad. Get the, uh, necessary software. Result!
Would it not be easier to get a PS2..?
ps2 backwards compatibility is notoriously unreliable
Really? I've never had a problem with mine...
Really? I've never had a problem with mine...

Same, I am using a ps2 slim though, have no idea if that makes a difference.
I've never had a problem with my PS2's compatibility with PS1 games either, and I have one of the older models. What really sucks is the Playstation 3's backwards compatibility, but Sony's completely removed it in new models anyway, haven't they?

Also, old PAL conversions were horrible! 50 Hz, what?
PS2 has compatability issues with the SNES FF ports (although it's trivial and you shouldn't play those anyways) and Wild ARMs 1 (random freezes).

Have you tried a PS1 emulator on your computer? ePSXe or PSX are pretty good but you will have to find a dump of the PS1 bios which isn't too had to find on Google.

Also Sony removed PS2 backwards compatability from PS3s, not PS1.
I have an american modded ps2,but,for some reason ps1 games don't work on it.(copy or real doesn't matter)
I have the Matrix infinity incase that makes a difference.
how much does it cost to ship to Australia usually?
Is there anyway to make a pal ps1 play american games?
You'll have to bypass the copy protection at the very least due to regional lockout. Plus the information that specifies what refresh rate and dimensions of the output picture are specified on the disk instead of the system. A NTSC game on a PAL console will display a NTSC signal which you will have to accommodate for by having a signal converter, a NTSC compatible TV, or burning a copy of the game disk altered to display a PAL signal.

(Well, I'm assuming this is how PS1's work since PS2's do it this way. You'll still have to bypass the copy protection/regional lockout)
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