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I feel so bummed. I was working on new picture sets of random characters of mine to see if I could use pictures in place of facesets. Unfortunately my colors got warped, so that idea is scrapped :(
If anyone has any tricks to reduce color warping maybe I could get it working, but I'll probably just either save the idea for XP or just use MS Paint (which I hate drawing in...)

Edit: Maybe this should've been in Help and Requests... meh.
Do not use MS Paint.
Use something else.
I use something called Photo Plus 6.0. It's free.
paint.net is pretty good too.
GraphicsGale is also a nice program for stuff like that. (and free)
SAI is actually great O_o
The faceset I made for NicoB's 2k3 game is made in SAI, just don't use too many shades!
2k3 has 256 color limit so you have to be picky about your palette and amount of shades. In the end I end up using 2 in 2k3.

For the color decrease, either get photoshop (set the mode to indexed colors for the pic to be 256) or irfanview (Decrease Color Depth to 256)
When I don't have photoshop on my hands, GIMP works just fine.
SAI worked fine for my facesets, however when trying to use it for pictures, it didn't work out too well. My sis uses Paint.net so I'll probably use that. I've used GG before but it didn't click with me so to speak.
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