The last one was pretty well received... so I think it's maybe time for a round two?

Current Person: Darken
The order:
1. Rhyme
2. Pokemaniac
3. Sir_Subtle
4. AznChipmunk
5. statistic
6. AABattery
7. Shinan
8. Sam
9. Lennon
10. Darken
11. SLuv
12. thedjt
13. Rei-
14. Nines
15. Neok
16. Archeia_Nessiah
17. VideoWizard
18. InvaderZim
19. Ratty524
20. Dudesoft
21. tardis
23. StarSkipping
24. Erilex
25. ChaosProductions

TheDigitalMonk (SHAME)

Remember, folks.
-You have four days. I'm willing to extend if really necessary.
-Format should be .png
-Dimensions should be 8.5 by 11 inches or 612 by 792 pixels.
-Do not upload to RMN locker, upload it to imageshack or etc.
-When you finish, send it in a PM to the next person AND send it to me.
-The STORY goes backwards--MAKE SURE you remember that. So technically, the person you send it to is doing the page BEFORE yours. At the end the pages will be reversed.
-Please copy and paste this note in your PM.
-Please post in the topic when you are finished so we can keep up with progress!

Anyways, we're switching it up a bit this time. We're going to write a backwards story--that means after the order of people is randomly picked, we will start from the bottom up! And you guys will have to think backwards in terms of story! (Even more confusion!)


Sign Ups GO GO GO:
1. AznChipmunk
2. tardis
3. SLuv
4. Darken
5. Shinan
6. Ratty524
7. Neok
8. InvaderZim
9. Pokemaniac
10. Rei-
11. ChaosProductions
12. VideoWizard
13. Sam
14. StarSkipping
15. Archeia_Nessiah
16. AABattery
17. Sir_Subtle
18. Erilex
19. thedjt
20. statistic
21. Rhyme
22. TheDigitalMonk (SHAME)
23. Lennon
24. Nines
25. Dudesoft
26. sunshinesan
is it too late for ironhide facepalm
Okay sign me up but put me in the middle or so, if that is possible!
I will do it, I will. So basically, if one person gets a page, he has to think about what happened before?
Yeah, for example.

First person has someone becoming a king.
Second person has to think about what happened before, AKA like someone pulling a sword out of a stone or something.
When it's all done we'll reverse the order and see what we get! (And see who understood the concept!)
The 524 is for 524 Stone Crabs
I am in, motha' fucka'
Oh btw, bump me down closer to the middle end. Pretty busy in the next 2-3 weeks, should be okay afterwards.
can't make a bad game if you don't finish any games
oh no

(count me in but throw me near the VERY END in terms of order so that I get access to a scanner.)
I'm joining this time :)