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Hi kids,

2 weeks ago I was watching TV and expected nothing evil, but then I suddenly saw a commercial for an internet stick that was perfect for me! I ordered it and it allows me to go into the internet with no monthly paying. Instead I pay for each hour I go into the net. This kind of conection is nothing for complete no-life fags that hang out in chat rooms all day long or watch some shit in the internet all the time, but for busy dudes like me it is perfect.
Flatrates suck for me because I always think "You have paid for it, so you should use it as often as possible." and that destroys my life! D-,X Still some thing are so fucking annoying to organize without having any possibility to go into the internet, that this kind of "emergency internet stick" is the best choice for me.
God bless the poor people who had to buy maps if they wanted to go somewhere... a long long time before the world wide web existed.

So I will go online, but not fulltime, but about 1 hour a week I guess. Also depends on if I need anything or not. But fact is I still exist. Not often, but I exist.
Why do I still use this account and didn't made a new one, because some, and I say "some", rude kids trolled and insulted me in my farewell topic? Because I am kinda addicted to my Makerscore and it will be nearly fix in the future since I won't be able to submit much more. Makerscore! Makerscore! Makerscore! Everybody wants it like money! It's the thing you live for, the thing that gives your virtual life a sense! God bless the Makerscore! "The Makerscore is strong in you, young Padawan."
I am tired of Earth. These people. I am tired of being caught in the tangle of their lives.
Hey Deacon welcome back.

*goes back to hanging out in IRC and watching youtube*
What's the rate and what's the speed?

Paying hourly for internet... That was good times... good times...
i'll show you my hour long internet stick

Also, I'm constantly downloading stuff while I'm asleep, so hourly rates wouldn't work for me. Pretty cool that you could actually still find a way to pay hourly though!
Back to the 90s. The speed is the same though as my former flatrate... at least I see no difference.
You're asking to be trolled like there's no tomorrow.

@Allen Hunter:
Thanks, RPG XP Unlimited. Most awesome site ever seen on mother earth. ^_^
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