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I'm so glad I didn't ask for ideas or suggest them. This is so very confusing.
It's because there are ideas in here that haven't been done quite like this. So your brain is trying to connect it to something you've seen before, but it can't.

I'd say, if your head hurts from reading all this, then we've done our job of trying to innovate and go beyond the standard realm of RPG concepts! Job system--been done before. Materia--been done before.

I am looking forward to seeing what you come up with from this! :)
Honestly, though, I'm glad this hasn't been thought of by the bigger gaming companies. They could've messed this up severely, but with a community backing this up, it could be very very good.
Indeed! I'm working on a viable system so hard you wouldn't believe :P I've written up and scrapped allot of concepts lol

All of the tips are really helpful! Thank you everyone for the help.

Horaah for anti-nuking!
Here's a thought: Have a system where you can combine certain class orbs so that you can get advanced powers. For example, combining Warrior and Mage will give you elemental based attacks, or combining a cleric and a mage will give you access to even more diverse spells, like if a cleric is focused on defensive magic, it gives the offensive part of the mage a nice balance.
But if you did make such a system, be sure to only have it featured mid-game, so players can't abuse it, or what not.
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