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Devil's in the details
Thought I'd share this in case there are some friends of MMOs here.

I never personally played the first Guild Wars game myself, but I just somehow got lost to the Guild Wars 2 site today, and man isn't this game pretty. Now as a person who have played WoW myself, I was wondering if this game will have as smooth mechanics for the combat as WoW did, but I watched a few videos and they showed you'll be even able to dodge incoming attacks, etc. and move freely around during the combat, without having the mobs "locked" to you, so it seems kinda promising to me. That still doesn't say anything at all and that gameplay section in one of those videos looked really easy, but then again, it was from the starting area after all, so it's hard to judge anything from that alone.

Well, instead of repeating everything I've read and watched, I'll point you right to it:

Impressions article in gamespot:;title;1

Some videos. (The game really does look pretty stunning.)

Gameplay videos:;title;4;title;5

I'm still looking for more information about this game myself while typing this post, but I was wondering if anyone else here is looking forward to this game? Anyone who've played the first one? What sort of impression it gave? What sort of impression did it give about the developer? I remember Guild Wars being quite popular at one point few years ago, but then I didn't hear anything about it anymore. (I guess they begun creating the sequel, huh?)

I really don't know anything about this game, but I was just very impressed by the visuals, music and the ideas they had for refreshing some of the dull MMO core mechanics.

This just really got my hopes up, because I feel MMOs can offer you some of the best RPG experiences as the worlds feel so immersive when shared online with bunch of other living people.

Edit: added more gamescon videos I found.
Yeah first one was cool but very basic. Didn't really like many of classes. If it runs on my PC alright I will get it and if I assume it's still free to run.
I am secretly hoping this game doesn't suck, but seeing as I enjoyed the first GW (but it's really hard to get into now) I wouldn't mind trying this when it comes out, what do I got to lose? No subscription fee spending guilt! But yeah I think the main reason for me to buy this game is the fact that you can be a viking that can turn into a fuacking bear (that isnt some dumb raid tank).

Some of the design choices going on in the dev blogs sound way too good to be true so I am trying not to be too hyped for this. "The wander around do random shit instead of questgrindgrindgrind" philosophy seems right up my alley.
Devil's in the details
Alright, I just read about the event systems and stuff on the site. It sounds too good to be true, really.

Like not having to go and accept quests in MMO, but instead you just see and hear things happening and can effect them directly.
Not having to form parties, but players being able to join the event straight away and the event will scale depending on how many players are attending.
Not having to read the conversations, but being able to hear them instead.
Not having to wait for respawns and see people do same thing you just did, but actually having your actions trigger a chain of events that will effect several things around you.

If they manage to pull all of that out, this is going to be a really big title.
why would i heal when i could equip a morningstar
I want this.
The first MMO in a while that doesnt look like shit.
I want this.
I want to be able to want this.
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