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Really I keep trying to change the type of tag my games are and unless they are all action the site says I have to pick on before I can submit anything... really?
Hold CTRL then click your 3,4 or 5 tags. What I had to do.
I did that and nothing... Like I can't even justs select one tag other than action...
So it won't let you pick the base genre other than Action? Assuming you've tried clicking on just RPG, Platformer, Puzzle etc and submitted. They've all not changed?
You have to have at least one of the "main" classes from near the top (RPG, Arcade etc.) before choosing other categories.

We know this is a problem, it should be fixed.
Arcade is not one of the main classes, mysterious enough.
how long does it take to have a game accepted? I've been waiting for two days and I have all the screens and a download...
Depends on how lazy the mods are being and how up-to-scratch your images/description are. We have standards around here now, apparently...
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