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I'd really like to get rid of LockeZ. His play style is way too unpredictable. He's always like this too. If he ran a country, he'd just kill and imprison people at random until crime stopped.
I have idiotic ideas for games all the time. Every day, flowing constantly through my head, are brainstorms of horrible potential plans, which occasionally culminate in sudden urges to do something really awful. Usually these pass before long, but sometimes I end up spending a fair amount of time on them before giving up - like when I tried to hack Final Fantasy Tactics to replace the entire game's story with that of Final Fantasy 6.

So what's the worst idea you've ever actually spent any time on? If you just thought about it for a while, maybe looked up some info, and then gave up, it doesn't count. It has to be something you were actually dumb enough to seriously pursue for at least a little while.

For me, it would probably be when I found the Phoenix Wright Case Maker, which lets you create Phoenix Wright style games, and attempted to create a Chrono Trigger spinoff with it - Chancellor Yakra: Ace Attorney. You played as Chancellor Yakra in the year 1000 AD, and the game's first case was to find Crono guilty of kidnapping the princess. After that there were going to be two more buildup cases in which the chancellor's Mystic ancestry was revealed and expanded on, and probably involving time travel, and then the final case would be that in which you had to find King Guardia guilty of treason. I spent about a week on this before deciding I hated creating all the graphics too much to continue. But it would have been pretty hilarious.
Pretty much anything I've ever done with RM has been a continous chain of stupid.

Elfwars: Wrath of the Inquistor had the player take part in a genocidal war. The main hero was supoosed to switch halfway through the plot...

Druman Action/Calesian Dreams: Had a massive epic plot that would required something like fifty hours of gametime to put off. Oh and the game had a character (Rheen) whose main feature was the fact he could take a bong hit at any time. A complete waste of time but I fell in love with the characters (see Avatar) and plan to recycle them in future Elf Quest Games.

Next two games... best not to talk about them but very useful learning experience.

Current Game: Elf Quest: Get the Shiny; is still pretty stupid but I'm forcing myself make a small managable non-epic game that doesn't use fuck in every second sentence.
Assei no Hikage: choose from sixteen characters, walk around a large medieval city, go on quests (sandbox-style, LOL), discover a conspiracy, listen to rumors (to track down quests,) and a barter system shamelessly ripped off from Shichi. It was way too ambitious for an early project.

Then there was a Sims-type game with all kinds of goodies like different places to live, furniture to buy, food to cook, go to the bathroom, bathe, sleep, self-improvement, do hobbies, go to work, pay bills. There were all kinds of details, like seeing your reflection in the mirror, walking in the middle of the street could get you run over by a car, if you were homeless you lived in a box at the park and got sick a lot. But I didn't have core gameplay. There wasn't even a main objective.

That was RPG Maker 2000. RM2K3 Gave me even more options to create dumb crap.

Built a starship with multiple decks for a survival-horror-sci-fi-space-herpes story. That went nowhere.

Just before my big computer crash, I had mapped out the entire LoZ overworld using new edits of the 2k3 RTP.
The universe told me to stop.

"It's frustrating because - as much as Corf is otherwise an irredeemable person - his 2k/3 mapping is on point." ~ psy_wombats
A game of tag for DoaDV. What's dumber yet is that I actually finished.
Power rangers game. ;D
My cousin, aged 7, asked me to.
Of course, I said yeah.:P
is it too late for ironhide facepalm
myself and my writing partner (also bro for life) defective detective tried to make a survival horror RPG entitled "Zombies!" in rm2k3 before either of us really knew shit about the program. keep in mind this was also back in the day when rtp and ff6 rips and mismatched battlers and refmap chipsets all mashed together in the same game was totally kosher and nobody cared.

it was really really horrible. i might still have it.
Your mom is a hero
Some serious community games. Man, they just never work out....mostly because I drop the ball.
A shopkeeping minigame for money making. One customer at a time walks in, asks for an item, then you go to the back and get said item. Rinse and repeat until it's time to clock out, and get paid 10G for every customer you helped.
Really, I haven't tried anything really retarded yet, so this has to be my dumbes- Oh wait, the shopkeeper for an item shop was a pedo-clown. And I was going to plan on making him a hidden boss, too.
I'm a dog pirate
Having an encounter rate of 25 in that cave in The Encephalon. It's annoying enough at 40, so I had to include warps in the most recent download.

I can't stand random encounters now.
I have two...

One time I decided to make an action game on RM2K3... something like streets of rage, but not using side-view, regular rm2k3 top view. I had all the sprites done, had all the walking and attack animations for the main character and a lot of art done... and I quit once I found out only one battle animation can be shown at once, which ruined my whole idea.

More recently, I decided I would design a TBS platform in RM2K3... something like a FFT system in 2k3, but customizable in a way people could just modify stuff and use it in their own games. I had a lot of work done, but I quit once I found out I would need zillions of variables to make it work.
I tried to legitimately make a hack of Fire Emblem 7 until I realized it was stupid for a number of reasons. Also I was only making it because my friends (who are big Fire Emblem nerds) thought it would be awesome but they don't actually understand how hex editing works. In the end, it turned out a glitchy pile.

goty 2010
Making an ambitious product when you're a one man army.
Making an ambitious product when you're a one man army.
That's not a dumb idea. One person could probably accomplish a lot.
Started a project back in 2006 that just kept growing and growing. I kept working since I thought mapping and chipsets was somewhat easy. But the progress on battle mechanics and monster sprites were close to none.
I suck at battle animations and monster sprites and it was after 2 years that I finally realized it was doomed and let it go. I did have a spriter on the team, but he abandoned me somewhat earlier.

On another note, I made a Ludo game that was pretty much self-running. So much for dice tossing.
i bet she's a diva with a potion popping problem
Making an ambitious product when you're a one man army.

Better: two-man army, but limit yourself to two and a half weeks.

I have no idea how Visions & Voices got done.
Making an ambitious product when you're a one man army.

This. This so much.

Though in retrospect, ML could have gotten done is bugs didn't get in the way...
I've NEVER had a dumb idea aside from everything I've ever released, ever.
Making an ambitious product when you're a one man army.

That would probably be the dumbest mistake I did. I planned a game that would be 20+ hours long, needed a Final Fantasy X like battle system and a lot of custom graphics.
My dumbest ideas all revolve around canceling a project and remaking it in a new engine. I never actually get around to trying to make them.
I think you guys are going to love this one. I still have the two projects actually. I made a game based around a half-demon and half-human character who goes to fight against the demon king for whatever reason I forgot... and the funny thing is, when I haven't even finished making the first game, I decided to jump and make the SEQUEL... That had to be the dumbest.
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