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i want some minigame for rpg maker vx and especially a mini-game like rapid key pressing
for example : A message comes on screen " Press Down Key 5 Times"
So the player is have to press Down Key 5 Times. Else, the game will over.

For RPG MAKER VX And If Any other mini games you know please tell , thanx :D
I am assuming that you are going to attach a timer to this, else the whole thing would be rather pointless and not challenging.

Anyway, I was going to explain this all to you, but it seems like VX doesn't have the Key Input Processing event option like every other Rpgmaker. Unfortunately, it looks like you will need someone with scripting knowledge to help you out. Luckily, this is not at all that complicated and I'm sure you could pull it off with minimal scripting knowledge.

Actually, you should check out this place. Chances are you will be able to find something that fits your needs or could easily be modified to.
Rpg maker vx has key input processing its called, umm in coditional branch anyway tell me what i can do in rpg maker xp or 2000 may be i will be able to convert the commands in vx , please tell
Oh, I didn't realize they integrated the key input thing into the conditional branch command. Makes sense, I suppose, since that was what everyone did with it anyway.

Basically, you use the key input process thing inside of a parallel process common event that is activated with a switch. Every time the button is pressed, add 1 to a variable. After every press, check the variable's number and if it equals 5, they win. If you want to add a timer, create another parallel process even that is activated by the same switch and have it add 1 to a different variable (we'll call it "Timer") every second that passes. Then, check it after every addition is made to see if the amount of time you want has passed or not (so, if you want the player to only have 3 seconds to input the button presses, you would check to see if "Timer" is 3 after every second).

There's the rough outline. If you need any elaboration on anything, I'd be glad to provide it. As a side note, I think the player would be able to just hold down the button instead of pressing it 5 individual times and achieve the same results. I haven't bothered to test it, but I suspect this might happen due to the way VX handles key-input processing. If anyone else can shed some light on this, I'm curious.
.. sorry i am little stupid can you post a screenshot of it or elaborate it or any demo on rpg maker 2000 or other i don't own xp so..
please well if you can't i will try to understand it anyway thanx!!
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RM2K screenshots would be pretty useless, since RM2K handles it differently. I think an explanation would help more in this case.

Create your event. This event will be a parallel process.

Add an event command in the event: Conditional Branch. Now you choose your condition. On one of the tabs is the condition "Button is being pressed." Select this condition. Then select which button you want them to press. In your case, the down button.

Now you have a conditional branch. You can put another event command inside it, and this other event command will only occur if the condition is true.

Inside the conditional branch, add an event command: Control Variables. (In VX this might be called Modify Variable or something else similar.) At the top, choose what variable to increase. You will need to make a variable for this, named something like "Minigame button presses." For the operation, chose Add. For the operand, choose a constant value of 1.

Now your event increases a variable by 1 each time the button is pressed.

Now you just need to detect when the variable is 5, with a second conditional branch below the first one in the same event. Add another conditional branch, and this time, for the condition, choose "Variable", and in the settings that light up, choose "greater than or equal to" and "5".

Now you have a conditional branch that checks to see if the button has been hit 5 times.

Within this conditional branch, you can do whatever you want to happen after the player successfully hits the button 5 times.
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Oh man I wonder if I could incorporate the Input Match game into spellcasting for the Guitaromancer to make a Guitar Hero-like sequence, wherein if you match the "notes" then your spell gets a power boost.
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I could code that up for you, mos' def. Almost everything required to do such a thing is part of the script already. I could even make it randomize notes and stuff.
I am tired of Earth. These people. I am tired of being caught in the tangle of their lives.
That would be wicked cool, but I only have the vaguest of ideas on how it'd all work in-game. I'll keep it in mind though (if I ever get a chance to actually work on RPGs again).
I could even make it randomize notes and stuff.

Because guitar riffs are random...

Seriously, though, that is a cool idea for that class.
This might help you:


Search for the unencrypted link. (it is my last message in there with the link)
It is on XP, but works the same way to VX.
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