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This is just a dump for the stuff I am producing for a character design class within my animation department. There's a story/bit of writing behind this stuff that I can post later if people want, but I'll just post the art for now.

Breaking RMN's layout >>, will fix later. Maybe.
The 524 is for 524 Stone Crabs
You can probably exaggerate some features in your characters a little bit more. After all, it would make your designs look distinct and interesting.

Specifically with Krade, why not make that torso a little larger? He seems like a buff guy, so make him buff! :P

The poses on the second picture are a little "meh", on the other hand, but I can understand that all of these are rough sketches.
I am tired of Earth. These people. I am tired of being caught in the tangle of their lives.
Krade has ape arms (they hang to his knees!) and chicken legs.

Also, what is Theodore?
Yeah these characters will probably be going through several iterations. The first image is just a generic shape lineup. I agree with you on Krade.

The second image is more of a general clothing test. The poses were just me having a bit of fun; could've just as well have been static.

Krade has ape arms (they hang to his knees!) and chicken legs.


Also, what is Theodore?

Morana's familiar.

Wouldn't it be better to post this kinda stuff when they are finished... or, at the least, comprehensible?
i bet she's a diva with a potion popping problem
These are perfectly comprehensible...

Also I really love this style of drawing.
This is good. I personally love the outfit of the second person in the second image.
I'm not really a fan of totally rough and raw sketches, they all look like crash test dummies. It's like a half-finished building, half of it is still scaffolding.

You should give Morana a hood. I know that sounds a little cliche but it would still completely work, don't have to hide her face at all though. Sage, Juno, and Krade all look like RPG townsfolk. Great if they were NPCs to clutter a town with life but to be a character we kind of have to see what they are about and do. Team Fortress 2 had their characters so built around their weapons that it would take a player a quick moment to see what the character is all about and what they do (the identify by silhouette idea).

As for the idea, I'd totally like Morana. I automatically get probably half her design in a split second just because of that scythe. The first of the three in the second picture works even better since the scythe looks nicely weighted and her clothes seem befitting of someone who wields a scythe.

The proportions on just about everything seem too silly Disney-like though. That's just my personal dislike for this sort of style, so you didn't do anything wrong. I think you should do a much more static, softer, more finished looking picture of Morana and try refining the look a bit. I'm reminded of this person. Now she doesn't have to be that complicated, but she could be made into something people will remember more.
Nice work, Karsu. Would love to see some complete designs.

(I.E. GET YOUR ASS IN GEAR) Nah, just kidding, dawg.
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