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ok ,i uploaded the charecter sprite and battle sprite to my locker ,so ,if you can figure it out ,plz ,let me know.
I'd really like to get rid of LockeZ. His play style is way too unpredictable. He's always like this too. If he ran a country, he'd just kill and imprison people at random until crime stopped.
Well that's easy. The battle animation is a .bmp instead of a .png. Just save the .png version instead of the .bmp version.

And the charset is zoomed in, because you downloaded the 3x zoomed image instead of the original size image, and it's also not on a 288 X 256 image. Easiest way is to download it from the charas generator site, then edit the image in iDraw or Gimp or Photoshop or whatever image editor you want to use that isn't MS Paint, and increase the dimensions to 288 x 256.
The character set is exactly as LockeZ says, however I was able to import the battler as a bitmap just fine (looks good in the database, too). The only problem I could imagine that you'd have with it is not setting the transparency, but that didn't seem to be an issue for you. There is a zoom button, but that's just a preview and shouldn't affect the imported graphic.

At any rate, PNGs are are better to work with in the long run, because BMPs are uncompressed graphics. You'll want to shave as much file space as you can from your game.
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